Monday, September 15

Teaching independence for school - Teaching children to wipe their bottoms

Emmy started BIG school last week (OK, she is now currently off sick sadly but that's a different story) and one thing I needed to ensure was that she was independent in the toilet.
At home she is lazy, she won't go to the toilet alone.  I have to go with her and 9 times out of 10 she asks for me to wipe her bum.
This obviously worries me. 
When she went to Nursery she wouldn't go to the toilet until she got home, luckily she only did half days however this did mean she had a few accidents both at school and on the way home. 
Things need to change now, she will have to go to the toilet at school and she will HAVE to wipe her own bum.  I can't help but worry so I have with the help of Andrex been teaching her bathroom hygiene and how to wipe and clean properly.
New research from Andrex reveals that:
  • 63% of parents don't think their little ones are fully ready to clean themselves properly after the toilet, without parental supervision before they go to school for the first time
  • 40% admitting to still wiping their children's bottoms well past their first year at primary school; sometimes up to the age of 7.
This is why Andrex commissioned the Andrex Clean Report - to take a closer look into the cleaning habits of the nation and how being clean in our intimate areas can have positive physical and emotional benefits.
Interestingly the result revealed that 34% of parents rate teaching their children how to be clean after going to the toilet as the most difficult parenting task, beating teaching them to brush their teeth (15%) and blowing their noses (3%).
We were sent a clean kit which included a weeks supply of toilet roll, moist toilet tissues, fragranced soap, a sticker chart and a clean guide.  The children also received a cute Andrex puppy and puppy slippers too to help with our challenge.
Emmy was quite intrigued by the sticker chart and was keen to get cracking straight away - we read through the 5 steps with her and took it from their.  The steps are:
  1. Use a good quality toilet paper and use 3-4 sheets per wipe until the paper is clean
  2. Only wipe from front to back
  3. Use 1-2 sheets of moist toilet tissue
  4. Finish by patting dry with toilet paper
  5. Always wash your hands with soap and dry thoroughly  
It took a few times of repeating these steps to her before she actually remembered although it did help that the steps are shown in picture form on her sticker chart.  After 2 days she stopped asking us to help her infact she stopped asking me to go to the toilet with her! 
She would let come out after finishing and tell us the steps she had completed.
I must admit we have been lax on step 4 as it's not something we have made her do before but the fact she is now going to the toilet happily herself, wiping her own bum and also washing her hands unprompted makes me proud and no longer worried how she will cope in the bathrooms at school.
She is now able to be set loose on the school and I am a happy Mummy knowing she has learnt a little independence and can cope with another life skill.
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Planning for a BIG celebration

Last week I watched Instagram and Facebook following the birthday trip of a good friend, she had been whisked away for her 30th Birthday by her hubby.  This was something I would have loved to have done for mine only then I was VERY heavily pregnant with Emmy.
This year I will be 35 and I would love to jet away for a long weekend child free to celebrate.  Now with my birthday being only 4 days before Christmas the likelihood of this being a reality are slim however thanks to a new site called I have been able to get a clear idea of prices.
This site is currently a BETA site however the tools available are very clever, you can search for your flights by date and it will include a list of available flight options such as airline, time and ranges of costs.  Surprisingly I could actually get a flight to Venice on 19th Dec and return on 22nd for £64 - OK it would be more if I wanted to take the hubby alone, but maybe me time would be nice?
The site allows you to search various options until you find which suits you - I tried searching Barcelona for the same dates, as you can see that would be far too expensive for me so that was instantly ruled out.
Other options will be added to the site over time, such as hotel but what I really like is that is sorts through the prices for you and shows you expected temperatures for that time of year for your chosen location.
I can see this site being rather usual for planning an up and coming girls holiday which is in the pipe line, my bestie is 40 in 2 years and we are hoping to go away - just the girls for a much needed escape - this would allow up to all group together, add in our free dates - with a large group finding a date to suit all is a little tricky but this would help to lower the costs for us and help us to save and plan - of course this would need doing on a girlie night in accompanied with a bottle or two to get us into the holiday mood.
So my question is - if you could visit anywhere for a girlie holiday for 1 week where would you go? 
Why not head over to and plan my girlie holiday for me?  Somewhere sunny please with NO kids!
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Sunday, September 14

Review: Protecting from the sun with Konfidence

I'm rather delayed in writing this post I'm afraid, the Summer holidays proved impossible to keep to a schedule sadly.
This summer Harry was sent a Konfidence Sun Protection Suit to help protect him from the sun.
This is an all in one suit which has a high UV protection and keeps the children's skin protected from the suns harmful rays. 
It has full length sleeves and 3/4 length legs.
They come in a dark blue colour with blue trim and decoration for boys and pink for girls - at the bottom of the leg on these suits is a flower decoration, this features the latest in colour changing technology and when the sun is out the flower will change colour.  This helps to teach children about the suns rays.
The suit is made from a soft Lycra which clings to the body lightly and makes moving around very easy, it is breathable and washable too.
The suit does up at the back meaning Harry didn't keep trying to take this off (except for when Emmy puts it on backwards).
Harry has worn this suit on nearly every hot day throughout the summer, it has been worn in the sea, in the garden and even in the paddling pool - it has been washed after every wear and it has not faded or bobbled, in fact it looks like it did on day one.
This suit has made summer easy for us as it has reduced the need for applying sun cream all over.  I add to his face, hands and feet and we have been outside LOTS this summer - and Harry has been kept safe from the sun. 
This suit retails at £17.50 and comes 5 different sizes - 6-12 months, 1-2 years, 2-3 years, 4-5 years and 6-7 years.

Harry was also sent a sun hat which retails at £8 - this is made from the same Lycra as the sunsuit and has the same UV protection, it has an extra large peak and a large flap which covers the neck. 
It provides a snug fit meaning when running around it should stay on, unfortunately Harry wouldn't leave his hat on at all but this isn't uncommon, he hates all hats.
Disclaimer: We were sent these items for review. All thoughts and wording is our own.
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Saturday, September 13

Project 365 - Photo Round Up Week 37

This week has been an emotional one for me and for Emmy, she started BIG school this week, my sidekick will now be out of the house from 9am till 3pm and I will miss her SO much.
I tried to make this week fun for us all and we managed to squeeze in a few more days out too.
Here's our week:
Week 37

Day 250:
Emmy and I were babysitting for the weekend, staying with the family I used to Nanny for.  We had a lovely weekend and the kids loved Emmy being there.
Day 251:
A evening meal at Pizza Hut (we are reviewing the new look restaurant's and the new menu - review to follow)
Day 252:
I treated the children to a last summer day out.  We went to Old McDonald's Farm, a last day out before I lost my baby girl to school life.
Day 253:
Harry got a new bed today - it has been an instant hit.  Now to keep him in it and stop the falling and climbing out!

Day 254:
I treated myself today, I rarely treat myself but I am planning more 'ME' time.
Day 255:
Emmy started school today - her 1st day in Reception.  My beautiful smart princess.
Day 256:
Today was a sofa day today - both children were poorly with temperatures of over 38.5 degrees
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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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Friday, September 12

If I could turn back time #PowerOfSoft

Emmy started school today, it was her first day in reception - full time school.  BIG SCHOOL!
I have to admit I was very sad today, emotions were running high for us both.  My little sidekick has done everything with me from the start - when I went back to work 12 weeks after she was born she came with me.  I have spent 4 nights away from her in 4 and a half years - we do everything together, she is my best friend.
It does seem like only yesterday I lay awake all night in the hospital after she was born, absolutely shattered after a 36 hour labour and an emergency section, dead on my feet however I was unable to sleep, unable to take my eyes of my beautiful princess.  I lay awake all night just watching her and holding her tight.
I really wish I could bottle those days, looking back on pictures just isn't the same.
When you are told to cherish those early days you really should!
From this tiny helpless bundle who needed my all the time to my independent big girl heading off to big school today, worried, scared, nervous yet excited and proud at the same time.
I really wish I could time, it's going too fast.  Of course that just isn't possible however she will never be too big for Mummy cuddles and I will always be here for her every single day.  Starting each day with a kiss and a cuddle and ending the day in the same way.
This video from Fairy captures just how quickly they do go grow up and makes you realise just how much you should cherish those super soft cuddles - be warned I welled up when I watched this for the first time, I could envisage Emmy growing though those stages and I'm just not ready to admit she is growing up.

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