Thursday, July 24

Giveaway: Win 2 tickets to see Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Luna outdoor cinema in Regents Park

We all know that many of the old movies are the best, and it is often the case of they don't make them like they used to!
I've a special treat for you today - I've giving away 2 tickets to see one of my all time favourite movies - Breakfast At Tiffanys.
The film is about a lonely, struggling writer who becomes enchanted with his neighbour, an independent young woman who strives to be a high-climbing socialite with a perchance for high-fashion and wild parties. But, soon he uncovers the vulnerability she has at heart.
It really is a lovely movie, if you've not seen it you really should.
Luna outdoor cinema's are popping up in lots of venues this summer showing movies such as Dirty Dancing, Grease, Gold Finger & Back to the Future - there are many more film showing in various venues.  You can find a Luna outdoor cinema near you on the website here.
These outdoor cinemas are being supported by Pago Fruit Juice who have very kindly given me these tickets for one of you to win.
I was also sent a lovely hamper of goodies to enjoy a home cinema experience as I am unable to attend the screening myself.
I hadn't tried Pago Fruit Juice before and was very keen to try them out.
Settling down for family movie time seemed a perfect time to try these out.  They are made from 100% fruit juices with no artificial ingredients added.  They are also sold in over 35 countries worldwide.
These juices come in small 200ml cute glass bottles.  I was sent 4 different flavours to try out:
  • Mango
  • Cloudy Cherry
  • Pink Grapefruit
  • Orange
It was nice to see and to try a variety of flavours especially ones I wouldn't normally think to try out and I was pleasantly surprised by them all.
The Cloudy Cherry was my favourite, a strong flavour with an after taste of cherries (OK that seems obvious however what I mean is it tasted just like I had eaten a bowl of cherries, it wasn't a watered down taste). 
The Grapefruit had a sharp taste however not as sharp as the usual supermarket Grapefruit juices, this is very subtle and not over powering at all.
Mango was very refreshing and the Orange was pleasant, not my favourite as it does contain bits which I'm not keen on but it was very nice.
These juices are now on my shopping list whenever I see them as my own special treat.

Giveaway Time
If you would like to enter to win 2 tickets to see Breakfast At Tiffanys at Regents Park on 1st September - Doors open at 6.45pm with the showing beginning at 8.30pm, then please fill in the rafflecopter form below.
This giveaway will end at Midnight on 14th August 2014 - Good Luck.
a Rafflecopter giveaway
This giveaway is for 2 tickets only, travel and refreshments are NOT included, also seating is NOT provided - this is an outdoor cinema experience so you could take your own chairs or a picnic blanket.

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Making an Eco-Friendly Dog Toy with Kids

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that children like to make things with their hands. It inspires them to think outside of the box, be creative and let their imaginations go wild.

Think about it! Without imagination, we wouldn’t have solar panels for our homes, recycling plants or vehicles that run on used vegetable oil!

Imagination and innovation is the key to saving our planet. Although crafting eco-friendly dog toys with your kids is not as much of a wow factor as building an environmentally friendly car, it is a start to teaching your kids to preserve and protect the Earth.
Teaching the younger generation about repurposing is an important thing. It will help to keep tons and tons of things out of the local landfills thereby; making the Earth a healthier place to live.

And, of course there is the fact that that making eco-friendly dog toys is fun for the whole family!

The Floating Hoop Toy
Items you will need:
  • A garden hose that is worn out, leaks or the dog has chewed on
  • A thick, old piece of rope
  • A box cutter or razorblade knife (for adults to use only, or under supervision with older children)
  • Tub
  • Hot water
  • Dish soap
  • Beeswax (optional)
The Creative Process:
  1. Using the box cutter or razorblade knife cut a piece off of the old garden hose. It should be long enough so that when it makes a circle that your dog can pick it up and carry it. Don’t make it too long so that it isn’t fun for the dog to play with.
  2. Fill the tub with hot water and add some dish soap. Place the garden hose in the water and swoosh it around. Be sure to get some of the water through the hose. This will ensure that there is no dirt, debris or other nasty things inside of the hose. Rinse the hose until the water runs through clean.
  3. Allow the hose to drip dry on a fence, clothesline or over the shower rod.
  4. Cut a piece of old rope that is about six inches longer than the hose.
  5. Dip the ends of the rope in beeswax and allow them to dry thoroughly. This might take an hour or two.
  6. Thread the rope through the length of garden hose.
  7. Tightly tie a few knots to secure both ends of the rope. This should make the garden hose circular.
  8. Dip the knots into some warm beeswax. This will help to keep the knots from coming apart and fraying.
  9. Allow the beeswax to completely dry.
  10. Take your dog and family out to the pool, pond or lake, providing the waterfront area is secured by a canine fence or havahart wireless fence. This will allow your dog to run freely and play with his eco-friendly floating dog hoop without the chance of him getting into traffic or getting lost.

    Have fun with the new dog toy because your doggie is sure to love it!

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Milestones: Emmy had her ears pierced

Since the age of 2 Emmy has been asking for earrings, some of her Pre-School friends had them and of course I wear them too, as does both of her Nanny's.
Of course 2 was way too young and I told her she had to wait.
She never stopped asking.
On her 3rd birthday she asked.
On her 4th birthday she asked.
Again recently she asked and I told her that if she wanted them still, once school was over she could.
That was last week and of course she asked again.
Nanny Knitting had said all along that she wanted to pay for Emmy's earrings, having 3 boys this is something she missed out on during their childhood.
We had planned that Wednesday would be the day.
I had prepared Emmy, talked her though what happens, that she needs to sit still.
She knew it would hurt and she couldn't take them out for 6 weeks.
We watched Youtube videos of girls her age having them pierced, most cried.
I needed her to understand fully what would happen - not to scare her but to prepare her.
The day came and off we went.
I chose a local Jewellers with a very good reputation.
Sadly we arrived at 12.30pm only to find out they don't do piercings between 12 and 3pm so we went off to lunch.
After lunch an excited Emmy was ready.
I signed the forms, she chose her earrings and was ready.
Waiting and choosing her earrings
Preparation - cleaning and marking the position
2 ears being done together - holding Mummy's hands
She was SO brave.  She smiled the whole time and there were NO tears.  She giggled afterwards - You could tell it had hurt however she didn't say.
Emmy was more intent with showing us all and looking in the mirror.  My very brave big girl.
Cleaning instructions were then given as well as a bottle of cleaning solution.
Emmy received a bravery certificate as well as a little teddy. 
Have you faced the ear piercing dilemma yet?  And at what age did you let your children have them done?
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Wednesday, July 23

Window Cleaning - It's child's play

Our latest review as part of the Karcher Clean Team Ambassadors programme is the Window Vac WV 60.

I'll let you into a little secret here, I hate cleaning windows.....or at least I did!  I would rather watch paint dry than clean windows and I even had a window cleaner come monthly so I didn't have to do this myself.

Now with the use of this little machine it's satisfyingly easy and effortless too.

So easy it's child's play!

In the box you get:
  • A mini glass cleaning concentrate - 20ml
  • A spray bottle with a Microfiber cloth
  • 1 Wiper (onto which you place the microfiber cloth)
  • Vacuum base
  • Vacuum nozzle 280mm
  • Vacuum nozzle 170mm
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Battery charger
Putting this vacuum together is very simple, just push in the vacuum nozzle you would like (small for small windows/mirrors and large for bigger windows) onto the top of the window vac and it clicks easily into place.

Pour the concentrate into the spray bottle and fill with water.  Slide the microfiber cloth over the wiper and secure onto the top of the spray bottle and screw the lid back into place.

This machine will need charging before use - although I was able to get 3 windows cleaned with the tiny charge that it came with.  Charging is easy, just plug the charger into the charging slot at the bottom and leave to charge - to fully charge it takes 120 minutes.

To use it is really simple:
  • Spray the window with cleaner 
  • Wipe over with the microfiber cloth to loosen all the dirt
  • Press the on switch on the window vac and starting from the top and working down, vacuum the window!
It really is that simple.

Infact it's so simple the children can do it! (obviously with supervision and ensuring the spray bottle is facing the correct direction).

Since this arrived I have managed to keep cleaning my own windows weekly, saving money by no longer needing a window cleaner, and it is also great for cleaning the mirrors and also the tiles in the bathroom and my glass coffee table.

The WV 60 costs £79.99 and I think it is definitely worth the money, the only down side is a battery only lasts around 20 minutes which for me is enough time to do my downstairs windows before needing to put on charge again.

You can find further information on this on the Karcher website  You can also follow on FacebookTwitter and YouTube.

Disclaimer:  We were sent this item for review as part of our Ambassadors role. 

Tuesday, July 22

Happy Birthday Prince George

I couldn't imagine growing up to become one of the most famous babies, one of the most photographed and one featured in the press all of the time.  However when you are a royal baby it's all par for the course, and I guess you do learn to get used to it.

Prince George is 1 today - that year has flown by.  We all awaited his arrival and I know many of us watched out for his birth announcement and waited to catch a glimpse of this beautiful bonny boy as the family left the hospital.

Do you think you know all there is to know about George though?

I bet one or two of these facts put together by iCandy World in an infographic which may surprise you!

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