You’re in the bathroom again…..? #ad

*This blog contains advertising from the makers of IMODIUM®* There are a few taboo subjects we just don’t like talking about, those which make us feel uncomfortable and you feel you shouldn’t voice out loud. The problem is when no-one speaks about these issues it can lead to isolation and feeling like you are abnormal inRead more

Top Tips for preventing headlice/dealing with headlice

Top tips for treatinf headlice

Having been a Nanny for 14 years it’s a given that over those years I have had to deal with those pesky bugs a few times, there is nothing to be embarrassed about and they can be found on all hair types, boys and girls, adults and children. We all dread being handed those lettersRead more

Are you travelling safely with your pets?

Pet in car safety

We spend a lot of time and money making sure our children are safe and secure when travelling in our cars. We look at the ratings of car seats, watch safety videos and ensure they are fitted correctly into our cars. However when we take our other babies on our travels are we always asRead more

Extra power when you need it – Askborg chargecube review & giveaway

I am forever snapping away at the children when we are out and about, as a Mum and as a Blogger I take a vast amount of pictures to capture our adventures, after all the whole reason I started this blog was as a way to capture those memories for the children to see allRead more

Heathrow helps inspire kids to learn languages this Easter

It’s a well known fact that children pick up languages far faster than us adults, so of course a great time to start learning basic words and sentences is while they are still young and their brains are like sponges. Emmy can already count to 10 in both French and Spanish and knows many basic FrenchRead more

We hit Walton on the Naze again

Last Easter I took the children to stay at Park Resorts Naze Marine, Walton on the Naze with my sister and our kids, we booked one 3 bedroom caravan and all stayed together – 2 adults and 6 children. We survived our first holiday together, and had a blast (Ruth isn’t actually my sister, regularRead more

Your Teen’s First Smartphone: Android Apps That Provide Parents with Peace of Mind

You want your kids to stand on their own two feet as they get older and giving them access to their first smartphone will give them a communication tool that they can learn to make good use of. The problem for parents is that the window to the world that is their smartphone can beRead more

Like it, Love it? Then share it via Teepee!

You may not have heard about Teepee yet, but it’s perfect for busy mums (and let’s face it, what other kind of mum is there!) so let me share with you what it is and how to use it. Teepee is a new app which cleverly allows friends to share recommendations in ways that I haven’t seenRead more