Saturday, April 19

18 months...already? How the heck did that happen?

I'm honestly in shock.
Lost for words!
My baby, my little baby has changed.
He has grown up.
I'm sad.
No longer a baby but a toddler.
A cheeky one at that!
From this innocent helpless bundle
Baby boy, Boy October 2012,
To this cheeky daredevil.
18 months already!!!
18 month old,, toddler adventures
He now has many new words. His vocabulary includes:
  • Dada
  • Mumma
  • Wow - this is his favourite at the moment.
  • Dog
  • Bicbic (biscuit)
  • Dodo (dummy)
  • Bed
  • Bath
  • More
  • Now
  • Ish (Fish)
  • Webix (weetabix)
  • Tebby (Teddy)
  • Bics (bricks)
  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Jack (his cousin)
  • That
  • This
  • Bar (Barney)
  • Peppa
  • Nite Nite
  • Nanna
  • Bob
And a few others which seem to change meaning daily...usually some sort of grunt followed by pointing.
If he wants something or wants to go somewhere he now grabs our hands and pulls us there.
His favourite programme is In the Night Garden and on a few occasions now, if he wants to watch it, he grabs an ITNG toy and the TV remote and hands them to us. It's just so cute that we can't refuse him.
He now sleeps solidly for 11/12 hours, most nights.
Climbs the ladder to the slide and slides down, often head  first.
He can now climb down the stairs safely as well as up.
He loves his:
Iggle Piggle singing cuddly
Toot toot drivers set
Big sister
He adores stories and can often be found sitting on Emmy's chair or a potty with a book in his hand.  He can use a fork and spoon - although prefers his hands and he can build a tower with 5 building brick.
He continues to amaze me daily.
My baby is now a toddler - how did that happen?

Project 365 - Photo round up Week 16

The second week of the Easter holidays has flown by sadly and it's been another poorly week for the kids sadly, they just can't shift this nasty cough and cold.
We still managed some fun though.
Project 365, week 16, the week that was captured, WOW toys, HP, Warner Bros
Day 103:
We attended a Blogging event at the V&A museum of childhood with HP.  Emmy had made an Easter Bunny mask and ears (sorry for the bad picture, I was carrying a wriggling Harry and using my phone camera at the same time).
Day 104:
Do you wanna build a snowman?
Playing with Crazy soap in the bath.
Day 105:
Freedom.  We went for a long dog walk and Harry was enjoying walking and roaming the fields.
Day 106:
We attended an event at Warner House with Warner Bros - Emmy was rather taken with this HUGE Scooby and wanted him to come home with us.
Day 107:
A cheating photo today as it's a screenshot.  I was extremely pleased and proud to break into the top 50 of the tots100.  Thank you for your continued support, it means so much to me.
Day 108:
The kids are poorly so we cracked out their Easter presents early, who wouldn't cheer up for WOW toys.
Day 109:
The kids are still ill today so we all piled onto the sofa for cuddles and a nap after a night of coughing and being sick.
TheBoyandMe's 365 Linky

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Win a family ticket to the London pet show & a Zoflora goodie bag

Zoflora are thrilled to be sponsoring World of Cats at the London Pet Show for the fourth year running and to celebrate they have given me a fabulous prize which one of you lucky readers can win.

Zoflora is actually a product which makes me want to clean!  It's a concentrated disinfectant which not only smells wonderful but is pet friendly too!
I have been given the chance to giveaway this wonderful prize: A family ticket to the London Pet Show (worth £54) which takes place at Earls Court One on 17th & 18th May as well as a lovely goodie bag packed with Zoflora, Addis and Sarah products.
 Your goodie bag will include:
  • 3 Zoflora fragrances (to be determined by Zoflora)
  • 1 Zoflora canvas bag
  • 1 pen
  • 1 Addis Superdry Plus Mop
  • 1 spill kit 
  • Sarah Smith Ecowipes
  • Family ticket for the London Pet Show (2 adults and 2 children) to be used on either Saturday 17th May or Sunday 18th May (Travel not included).
If you would like to win this lovely prize and attend the London Pet Show, then please fill in the Rafflecopter form below answering this question:  Which pet item can you clean with Zoflora (You can find the answers here - there is more than one correct answer).
This giveaway will end on 1st May
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Friday, April 18

Adsa does Easter

Have you left your present buying to the very last minute as I usually do?  I actually do this deliberately as the eggs and gifts are often cheaper then!
Not to worry if you have as the supermarkets are open tomorrow and Asda have a great selection which will suit all ages.

With everything you could possibly want this Easter at affordable prices too!

Emmy is already eager to play this Funny Bunny board game, and why wouldn't she - this is a game with a twist.  You need to hop around the board and collect carrots but not just any carrots - these are chocolate carrots!  A game you will definitely want to win so you can eat your prize.

The basket contains all you will need  for a mini Easter egg hunt, this is being added to Nanny's haul ready for a family egg hunt on Sunday - I'm loving the basket itself, it's super cute.

If you're not a chocolate fan then why not choose the over-sized gingerbread bunny? Or the huge marshmallow bunny instead?

Personally I'm quite taken with the egg on toast gift, quirky but tasty.

Or another option is this adorable Create your own Easter scene which Emmy and I had great fun making, and then eating.

What are your Easter plans? and have you started eating the Easter eggs already?

Disclosure:  We were sent a selection of Easter goodies for the purpose of this post

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Easter Cards with a difference - Bunny cards

This week we made Easter cards to give to the grandparents, I love to get the children involved and make something personal as gifts.
This is an something Emmy made at school and we recreated at home.
You will need:
White Card
Photograph of your child's face
Black pen
Pink paint
To start - Paint your child's foot and press onto the white card, do this with each foot and put aside to dry.
Cut out a circle and an oval shape - these will be the face and the body.
Cut small oval shapes and paint bunny foot prints on using your fingertips.
When the footprints are dry, cut around them to make ear shapes and assemble your bunny.
Add the photograph to the face, draw on a bunny nose and whiskers and you have a very simple Easter bunny card to give as gifts.  It is very quick and easy and looks great.
You can add a message on the tummy if you wish or add pipe cleaners of wool whiskers too.
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