Sunday, October 19

Project 365 - Photo Round Up Week 42

This week has been a planning and a wrapping kind of week.  It's the run up to Harry's 2nd Birthday so I've been cleaning, tidying and making room for the new toys which I knew were coming - mainly as I had bought them all.
Emmy was poorly for one day this week, burning up with a fever of 42 and hallucinating which was blooming scary, thankfully it lasted only a day then she was right as rain.
She has also found a new love of her scooter and now rides it to and from school every day - and boy is she quick!
Week 42
Day 285
Emily showing how amazing she is at drawing and writing
Day 286
A new found independence - scooting to school.  Emmy has had her scooter since Christmas and not really shown much interested in it until recently, now it's impossible to get her off of it.
Day 287
Emmy managed to save this drawing on my phone today while playing on her Peppa Pig drawing game.
Day 288
Remembering my lost angels today - gone but never forgotten #babylossawareness #waveoflight
Day 289
Hair cut day for Harry.  This was his second ever hair cut and he was SO very good.  I'm regretting it a bit now though as he looks far too grown up.
Day 290
A big family meal out - a very bad picture although it's rather hard to fit 28 people into shot.
Day 291
Harry's birthday cake ready for his 2nd birthday tomorrow.  I did cheat and buy Thomas and The Fat Controller from eBay but the rest is my own work.
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Saturday, October 18

A New Generation of Mummies?


During a moment of quiet time recently when the kids were asleep, yes a very rare time, I came across an interesting article that piqued my interest.
Apparently, online bingo sites have reported a huge surge in users around September time, which is a direct correlation with when the kids go back to school. The sites, they say, are benefiting from a surge in mummies having a cheeky game while their children are out of the house.
Online bingo is not something which I usually partake in, but I have been known to play a free game or two. It turns out, the internet is awash with websites like guiding players on games from bingo to baccarat, so even if you have no idea what you're doing, you can get free tips on how to play!
What's more, it seems that online bingo site hosts are getting wise to the statistics too, and now they've even catered their marketing towards stay at home mummies. “Come and play while the kids are away!” they say.
This could be a potential minefield for any na├»ve mummies out there. While we've all been known to have a cheeky flutter on anything from horse races to sports games from time to time, playing online bingo is a whole new dimension of gambling. It does also pose the question – are we mummies just indulging in a little habit that we'd rather our kids didn't see? Or are we getting so stressed from looking after our babies that we feel the need to fill the hours by gambling?
Indeed, playing online bingo in your spare time doesn't always have to have negative connotations – when I was doing my 'research' I discovered that it does indeed have a social element too. Many of the sites offer chat rooms – we all know that motherhood can be a lonely experience at times, so these sites might just be a great way for mummies to make friends and let off steam. It certainly makes playing on your computer feel more social if motherly duties stop you from going outside and hitting the bingo halls yourself.
Whatever your feelings upon the subject, the upward trend certainly represents a new generation of mummies out there. While perhaps 50 years ago we might have spent our downtime knitting a new sweater for the little ones, we're now turning to computers to pass the time. For me personally, I say live and let live – no two mothers are the same and everybody has their own pastimes (I say while I'm here online in the late hours again online typing away into my computer, blogging with about 3 social media windows open in the background!) – it's just a case of knowing your limits. 

"This is a collaborative post"
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Friday, October 17

Review & Giveaway: Anna Dress

You would have to be living under a stone to not know that song, infact I do apologise as I bet you are now singing along aren't you?  Admit it!  It's rather impossible to read those song lyrics without singing too.


Oh OK - I'm not sorry in the slightest  - It's FRIDAY embrace it.

Emmy LOVES frozen, I took the kids to see it in the cinema when it first came out, then of course along with everyone else we then had to have the DVD & CD.

It wasn't long before she was running around the house turning everything to ice, making pretend Olaf's and singing to the pictures on the wall.  This is one movie which I love almost as much as Emmy.

Recently she was sent a beautiful Anna coronation dress for review from the lovely people over at Otley Run Fancy Dress and she couldn't wait to pop it on. 

They actually have both Frozen inspired dresses on their site however for me the Anna dress was a winner and I we were  thrilled when it arrived.  I'll admit I wasn't sure what the quality would be like for £18.99 however it is very good - much better than the cheap versions I've seen around recently while I've been looking, the stitching is all straight and secure and the material is of a good quality - not comparable to the Disney store however this is a very good compromise.  The label inside this dress says 'Baby shop'.

I chose the aged 6-7 dress for Emmy as she is tall and it is a perfect size for her, it is a full length dress and if I had chosen a smaller on the full effect would have been missing.

The bodice part of this dress is a velvety type material with the design printed onto it and the golden disc stick on, it has golden trimmed edges and beautiful rouched short sleeves.  There is an underskirt and then the adorable voile skirt in pale green with the pattern printed onto it.

It is a very good copy to Anna's Coronation dress and has fast become a favourite dress up outfit her as well as Emmy's go to party dress too - in fact last week we attended a party where there were 4 Elsa's in attendance and Emmy was thrilled she was the only Anna!

Giveaway Time

If you would like to WIN one of these beautiful dresses for your princess then please fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

This giveaway will end at midnight on 3rd November 2014 - Good Luck.
UK entries only.

If you would prefer to win an Elsa dress then why not pop over to My Mummy Pennies who are giving away the Elsa version.

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Thursday, October 16

Birthday's - How much do you spend?

I always ensure Birthday's are special in this house.  More so than Christmas. 
For the main reason that it's the only day of the year where the children have a whole day dedicated to them and them alone.
I've been told before that I spend too much on my children for their Birthday's...
What is too much?
Last year Emmy didn't want a Birthday party, instead she asked to go to Butlins so we did.
I don't think that was too extravagant really yet I was told by others that I was spoiling her. 
I personally don't think so at all.  She had her birthday presents and she had a holiday, so what?
It was our family holiday too and if you cost up a party, with an entertainer, invites, party bags, balloons and a cake our holiday actually cost a lot less than that party would have done!  It lasted longer and she will probably remember it for longer too - she still talks about the shows, putting Billy Bear to bear and our adventures.
Tonight I have been wrapping up Harry's birthday presents and I honestly had forgotten how many I had bought throughout the year.
I buy them when I find a bargain and stash away during the year.  I never pay full price for anything really if I can help it!
So how much do you spend on your kids for their birthdays?
This is Harry's birthday haul:
Happyland Sherwood Castle
Happyland Playset
2 x ELC lift out puzzles
2 sets of vehicles for train track
(All the above were from ELC where I had a discount code for.  Instead of £65.60 - I actually paid £54)
Fisher Price Little people superheroes set  - OK I admit these were expensive at £26.09 BUT how cool are they?
Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow Pets bought from Zuilily which should have been £13.99 however from inviting friends I had £20 site credit so was FREE.
There is also a LeapFrog read with me scout which I had forgotten to get out of my wardrobe, bought on offer from Amazon for £18.47
And lastly which I will build on Saturday night is a Balance Bike purchased with a Groupon deal for £34.99
I don't feel I've over spent at all - I budget and buy throughout the year and I can't wait for Sunday.
My baby will be 2 - how did that happen?
Disclaimer: This post was not commissioned but does contain affiliate links for convenience.
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Christmas made extra special - Christmas Memories

There is something magical about Christmas time. I just love it, the decorating the house, wrapping the presents and the excitement in the morning... Usually far too early in this household but I remember being the same when I was young, who am I kidding I'm awake before the kids!
Christmas means so much more to me now that I'm a Mum to two very special children and I enjoy it so much more. Afterall it's all about the kids now.
Christmas 2010 will also stick in my mind as being ultra special though, not only was I a Mummy finally after 3 heartbreaking miscarriages but it was Emmy's very first Christmas.
She was 10 and a half months old and even then seems to know the day was different and she ensured we will all remember that day forever.
Now it wasn't her waking up at 5am that morning that I'll remember most, nor the fact she lasted all day without a nap!!
It wasn't her wearing her special dress and keeping it clean all day - unheard of.
Nor her spending time with both sets of grandparents, opening presents, singing and entertaining everyone all day long.

1st Christmas Dinner
What made it ULTRA special was Emmy took her first unaided steps once Paul and I got home for the evening from visiting everyone.
We were shattered it had been a very long day BUT Emmy had other ideas, bed wasn't on the cards, she wasn't interested in her new toys....instead she did this.....

Her very first steps taken on Christmas day.
It's like she wanted us to remember that day forever and of course we will.
It took me about a week and a half to finally capture it on video as before I was too busy clapping, cheering, squealing and crying like a baby encouraging my clever little girl.
Excuse the shaky video but here it is

Now of course I've Emmy and Harry running around and Christmas is a wonderful time.
This is my entry into the Transun Bloggers competition where I'm hoping to visit Lapland for the day with the children - ohhh how magical that would be!