Tuesday, May 1

15 weeks and a fight for my birth choice?

Finally I have reached 15 weeks into my 7th pregnancy and it really is looking like this is our take home baby number 2.

Today I met with another new consultant and was left a little disappointed if I'm honest.  I really liked my consultant I had with Emmy however he has now retired so I've a new one but don't think we hit it off really. 

I had an EMCS with Emmy after failure to progress, I was taken to the Labour Ward at 12 Midnight at 3cm's dilated and all day long only ever progressed to 4cm's - 16 hours at 4cm's even after 2 drips given so was rushed into theatre when Emmy (and Mummy if I'm honest) went into distress.  So even after finally going into natural labour at 9 days over due, at 11 days over due Emmy was born via EMCS and I ended up having to have a blood tranfusion. (you can read all about my pregnancy with Emmy and her birth story )

So why didn't I get on with the consultant today?
Mostly because we disagreed on a birth plan.  OK, yes it is far to early for a birth plan but due to the EMCS they all seem to want to push forward and have a plan in place.

I was adament I wanted an elective c-section this time around but he wasn't too sure of that.  All I kept hearing today was that "NO LABOUR WAS THE SAME...and I should at least try for a VBAC"  (vaginal birth after c-section).  I'm still not very keen if I'm honest and have agreed to meet with the VBAC team next Wednesday to discuss this further and to look into my options.

I have agreed with my consultant to have growth scans at 32, 34 and 36 weeks to check on the growth of bubs and have agreed with him that I will try naturally if the baby is of a 'normal' weight
or weighs less than Emmy did (8lbs 13ozs) however if the baby is to be heavier than Emmy than I will be allowed my c-section.

Now to decide if that is what I actually want or if I fight for my elective c-section and be done with it.

www.emmysmummy.com 14 weeks pregnant
This is me last week at 14 weeks


  1. Don't be pushed in to anything, fight what you want Hun. Don't be bullied in to anything xxxx

  2. I read somewhere that people who struggle to have babies are lucky, because they will love them in a way that people who pop them out willy nilly will never understand.

    Glad it's working out for you this time.


  3. Dont be pushed into anything you do not want love you x x x

  4. I had a EMCS with Roo so when I became pregnant with Tigger I knew I wanted to try for a VBAC, the consultant could see why I wanted to try and were happy for me give it ago. I did however ended up with another EMCS as once again babies head wouldn't fit through my pelvis.

    If you want another CS or a VBAC you need to voice it as soon as possible, the more consultants or midwives you tell the better chance of getting it.


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