Friday, November 30

Upcycled flower pots - Christmas Crafts

While having a rather late spring clean this week I came across some glass flowerpots and some Christmas Mulled Wine Potpourri, so Emmy and I raided our arts supply and made upcycled them to make some lovely Christmas presents.

What we used:
  • Glass flower pots
  • Dazzle dots (sparkly sticky sequins on a roll)
  • Coloured gems
  • Super glue/glue gun
  • Potpourri

Firstly we used the dazzle dots unravelling them and decorated the flowerpot with them, we used a few colours to decorate.  Then we used the coloured gems to decorate inbetween the spaces - I let Emmy position them using sticky dots then I used super glue to apply them properly (I need to invest in a glue gun).

Once filled with the Christmas Mulled Wine Potpourri they are finished, a very simple Christmas craft.

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  1. Ahh that's cute! I bet it smells lovely too.

  2. My kitchen did smell vaguely like the lush store earlier I will admit!

  3. Oh people are going to LOVE receiving these gifts! Wahey Christmas! xx


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