Tuesday, April 30

Clothes to suit any style from Zalando

I'll be honest when I first had an email through asking if I would like to review some clothing from Zalando I had to click through to their site as I had never heard of them.

Fast forward a few weeks and all I see are adverts for their site and friends mentioning them in passing.  They are a site which everyone seems to be falling in love with, myself included as they have styles to suit all ranging from the inexpensive right the way up to the designer items.

Zalando are an exclusive online bouquet selling women, mens and childrens clothes and shoes, they are the market leader in Germany and are relatively new to the UK.

I was asked to choose items I would like and given a budget of £80 to spend - that's when the hard bit began, there is so much to choose which I would love that it took me well over a week to pick out a few items.

Firstly I chose a top for Harry and a dribble bib to match:

The top is a Tom Tailor long sleeved boys tops aged 6 months and is priced at £8, the bib is also from the kids/boys section and costs £5
For myself I chose a red jumper from Natetano:

This jumper is super soft and very comfy although is more of a pink colour than a red.  It costs £38.

I also order some boots for me however I have sent these back as they were too big and another 2 tops for Harry went back too as were too small.  I have a credit note sitting in my account however I'm once again faced with the dilemma....just what do I spend it on?

I can't decide so can you help me please?

Which do you like from the pictures below?

Red boots (these are the ones I originally ordered and they are lovely) £38
Red long sleeved Best Mountain top - £21
Brown Anna Field top - £19
Warehouse dress £45

If you would like to visit the website you can find it here - www.zalando.co.uk or find them on Facebook and Twitter


  1. i like the dress. im like you, hadn't really heard of them but now seeing them mentioned everywhere

  2. i love the dress! I have a thing for shoes too and would just HAVE to buy the boots too! Their website is full of lovely stuff I just always spend my money on kids clothes instead I really need to order myself some stuff from them.

  3. I love the dress too would be great in the summer.

    although the top on the bottom is nice too

  4. Decision made.......I'm getting....
    The dress!! And possibly boots too ;)

  5. I love the dress. I think that you would wear that loads over the Summer. The boots are rather fabulous though too!


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