Friday, June 14

How to make Veggie Patch Markers

These are really easy to make markers which are now helping us to identify our veggies.

What you need are:

Lolly Sticks
Felt Pens
Cellotape or laminator

I started off by cutting squares of white card out and writing the vegetable names on them.

Emmy then drew or helped to draw some of the vegetables on them, the ones she couldn't or didn't want to do I drew and she coloured in.

She had great fun and helped her to identify and name the vegetables we are currently growing in our garden.

Once she had finished we covered the card completely in cellotape to waterproof them (you could laminate however I don't have one).

We then attached a lolly stick to the labels and planted in the right places in the veggie patch.

How to make vegetable patch markers,


  1. We did ours without the cellotape and now they look a little soggy! Do join me for Country Kids tomorrow.

    1. On no :( We used far too much cellotape which maybe why ours haven't - yet. They may well do


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