Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom live on Stage

LIVE ON STAGE FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME FROM THE MAKERS OF PEPPA PIG NEW UK TOUR FOR 2012/2013 From the makers of Peppa Pig and the producers of the two hugely successful Peppa Pig theatre tours comes the first ever stage version of the BAFTA award-winning TV animation, Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom. ThisRead more

Shaving foam paints – bath time fun

Today has been a rather fun and busy day, Emmy had spent most of it running around outside with just a T-shirt on switching from the paddling pool to sand pit, as you can imagine this is rather messy especially as she was nappyless too. So when she started to say she didn’t want toRead more

Father’s Day

As it was Father’s Day we let Daddy have a lay-in (well actually we always let him lay-in but told him today was special lol). Emmy has been keeping a secret since last Monday as on her first day at Pre-school she made Daddy a Father’s Day card and we hid it from him allRead more

Pregnancy Meme

I’ve been tagged by Rachel over at Confessions of a SAHM to do the Being Pregnant Meme created by Trinket of Treasure.  Rachel is someone I’m yet to meet however chat with often and almost met when we went to the same holiday farm in Cornwall, staying in the same cottage with her leaving on the day I arrivedRead more

Cupcakes2you – Cupcakes review

This is by far the tastiest review I’ve had on the Blog.  Jo Willis owns and runs cupcakes2you a home based cake business offering a wide range of very yummy and beautiful looking cakes.  Jo’s business is based near Ware in Herfordshire which is also close to Stevenage and Hertford.  Luckily for me, Jo lives and worksRead more

My food choices when it comes to Emmy

Being a fully qualified Nanny I have always made my own baby food once it came to start weaning so when Emmy came along this continued.  I loved nothing better than cooking up something new, mixing the flavour together and trying them out with Emmy.  It was fun to see what she did and didn’tRead more

Emmy’s first day at pre-school

Yesterday was a big day for everyone, my first full day at work since the Children’s mum had gone back to work and Emmy’s first day at Pre-School. Eliza (the lovely girl I look after) has been at Pre-school for a while now, she is a few months older than Emmy and she loves it. Read more

Eisbery Non-Alcoholic Wine Review

Those of you who know me well enough will know that when I’m not pregnant you will usually find a bottle of Rose wine chilling in my fridge or even a nice bottle of sparkling White wine at times for a change.  I do like a glass with my dinner.  This maybe due to working withRead more

Father’s Day Competition Winners

I am so sorry for the delay in randomly picking our winners today, I’ve been enjoying a much needed girlie day out with some very good girl friends who were my best friends at Secondary school from the age of 11 – and we still keep in touch which is lovely. Anyway here is what you haveRead more

Reclaiming my PPI back

For months now my inbox for all my email accounts (I have 3) has been FULL with spam emails telling me I can claim back my PPI (payment protection insurance) on my credit cards and loans and how to “easily claim my PPI back”. I’m well aware I can claim it back and fully intendedRead more