Win a LeapTV plus 2 games #review

Win a LeapTV

For Emmy’s 6th Birthday her Grandad asked what she would like from him as he always does and we picked out a LeapTV from Leap Frog, she hadn’t really been into computer based gaming and while still young it seemed perfect for her as instead of her sitting down playing games this console encourages childrenRead more

How safe are your children on the Internet?

Keeping children safe online

Both my children have their own tablets, at the age of 4, Harry’s is a basic Kids Kindle which he uses for the games we have downloaded for him and to watch either YouTube Kids or Netflix. He is signed into his own profile for this tablet for which we have set the parental controlsRead more

Learning through play – Literacy games

A little while ago I shared with you the maths games for children which we have been playing with Emmy to help build upon her learning, these have been great and of course are fun at the same time meaning she wants to keep on playing so is therefore learning at the same time. WeRead more

Maths games for children

Recently Emmy was put forward for extra Maths classes in school, I had always been told she was good at Maths but she has started to struggle a little as the work is getting harder. I am of course grateful she is getting some extra help but wish I had been told a little earlier soRead more

Guest post from Jayne: DIY Leaf Bowl Using Air Drying Clay

Fall leaf bowl craft

This week we are away on holiday so as usual I will be passing these pages over to other awesome bloggers to entertain you. I love being able to introduce you to fellow bloggers who you may not yet be familiar with – but I do hope they will become part of your new regularRead more

ChuChu TV – YouTube channel for kids

Harry is at that inbetween age currently – just turned 4 he loves all the TV shows which Emmy watches (she is almost 7) yet when she is in school all day he loves nothing more than choosing the younger shows and channels and of course he sings and learns traditional Nursery Rhymes at school.Read more

A helping hand with your childs education while having family fun

As a parent, I want to help Emmy and in time Harry get the best out of their time in school, while Emmy finds school work fun and exciting currently I know this may not always be the case, and we are already beginning to struggle getting her to sit down and complete her homework…..IRead more