Win a LeapTV plus 2 games #review

Win a LeapTV

For Emmy’s 6th Birthday her Grandad asked what she would like from him as he always does and we picked out a LeapTV from Leap Frog, she hadn’t really been into computer based gaming and while still young it seemed perfect for her as instead of her sitting down playing games this console encourages childrenRead more

“It’s my thing” – trying something new with Robinsons Fruit Shoot

exploding volcano experiement,

Fruit Shoot is launching ‘It’s My Thing’, a campaign designed to celebrate and champion confidence and individualism in kids and encourage creativity and self-expression and for me, this can only be a good thing. Children often feel pressurised into doing things their peers like, things which their family thing they would like or would beRead more

Mr Bloom’s Nursery Live Review

There are very few TV shows which both Emmy and Harry share an equal love of, their age gap albeit small has become very obvious in their viewing habits with Emmy now showing a fondness for older and girlie shows such as Mia and Me, LEGO friends, Barbie and H2O, Harry is enjoying those moreRead more

Hot Sweet Potato & Tomato Soup Recipe

Just after Christmas I treated myself to a new soup maker. Our old one was so over used that the motor burnt out and it stopped working and it was just one item in the kitchen I couldn’t live without. Not only do I love soup but the children do too and it is theRead more

Disney on Ice presents Frozen Review

On Wednesday the children finished School for Christmas, It also happened to be my Birthday which gave the perfect cover for a big surprise for the kids. They thought we were heading out for dinner as a Birthday treat taking Emmy’s best friend with us. We were actually heading to The O2 for the openingRead more

Maths games for children

Recently Emmy was put forward for extra Maths classes in school, I had always been told she was good at Maths but she has started to struggle a little as the work is getting harder. I am of course grateful she is getting some extra help but wish I had been told a little earlier soRead more

How to make Snowman Skittles

Homemade skittles

It’s freezing and while the weatherman isn’t yet reporting snow much to the kids disappointment, here is a simple way of entertaining the kids with homemade Snowmen Skittles without freezing outside.   What you need: Toilet & Kitchen rolls White paper Coloured paper Eye stickers or a black pen Glue Scissors News paper Ball StartRead more

Guest post from Jayne: DIY Leaf Bowl Using Air Drying Clay

Fall leaf bowl craft

This week we are away on holiday so as usual I will be passing these pages over to other awesome bloggers to entertain you. I love being able to introduce you to fellow bloggers who you may not yet be familiar with – but I do hope they will become part of your new regularRead more