How to pack for your South East Asian trip

Asian countries are rich with culture, food, fun, and limitless adventure. If you’re looking for a quick list of the things you need to remember or bring with you for your Southeast Asian trip, then look no further. Here’s a quick rundown. Secure necessities. The first thing you need to have before you begin planningRead more

Why Buying the Right Furniture Matters More When you Have Kids

When you first get your own home, expensive furniture can seem like a dream, especially whilst you’re busy putting together a home made up of bits and bobs donated from generous family members. After a few years, you’ll start buying your fantasy furniture pieces and making the picture-perfect home you’ve always dreamed off and then…Read more

Gender in Marketing: International Women’s Day

Women aren’t always equal when it comes to the work place and men tended to dominate the high paying and more professional roles, however as the years tick on by this over-all gap has shifted and thankfully the old fashioned mind-set of a women’s place being in the home has changed.  Women have fought hardRead more

Things to give up for lent, and how to succeed!

what will you give up for lent?

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve got a second chance after our New Year’s resolutions to kick those habits to the curb.  Lent, which runs from the 1st March right up until Easter Sunday, is a time where people traditionally fight the cravings and give up something which has a negative effect on theirRead more

Sex, body image and all those in-depth conversations we dread just a little

Sex, body image and hard conversations we dread

As a parent there are so many conversations that we gear ourselves up for but it doesn’t make them any easier to actually get the words out, to word them in an age appropriate way depending on when our children ask them. Emmy has already become curious as to where babies come from, as aRead more

The written word

The power of words

​I make my living writing here on these pages, amongst other places where I share my time. Words on a page are a funny thing aren’t they, they are written in one tone, the writers intended tone and voice but unless you know that person well then reading them becomes a whole new playing field. SomethingRead more

How It’s Possible to Eat Out and Save Money

January is the month where everyone is trying to save money to make up for the overspending at Christmas, and with everyone else saving, it makes it pretty easy to save a bit of extra cash yourself. However, February is the month where people are bored of staying in every weekend and everyone’s looking toRead more

9 Unique Family Activities You Can Try and Have Fun

That same old routine…That fuss of work and that frustrating hustle and bustle. Everything makes you exhausted. This is when we say to spend some quality time with your family and have some fun activities that can cheer you up. Although it is pretty tough to catch up with your family regularly, especially when youRead more

Behind a painted smile 

Behind a painted smile

Looking around the playground there are smiles all around me. Laughter and happy tales but behind those painted smiles are tired and broken people The kids didn’t sleep I know because you posted last night on social media, then again this morning stating how many times they had you up. I do the same myself.Read more

New year, new me! NO WAY! NO New Year’s Resolutions here

New year's resolutions

Been there and done that, New Year’s resolutions are so last year don’t you know! I haven’t actually made them for a few years now because it’s just setting myself up to fail. Join a gym and actually go…….I know there is no point setting that one. I live with a swimming pool/gym in theRead more