Behind a painted smile 

Behind a painted smile

Looking around the playground there are smiles all around me. Laughter and happy tales but behind those painted smiles are tired and broken people The kids didn’t sleep I know because you posted last night on social media, then again this morning stating how many times they had you up. I do the same myself.Read more

New year, new me! NO WAY! NO New Year’s Resolutions here

New year's resolutions

Been there and done that, New Year’s resolutions are so last year don’t you know! I haven’t actually made them for a few years now because it’s just setting myself up to fail. Join a gym and actually go…….I know there is no point setting that one. I live with a swimming pool/gym in theRead more

Joint presents, collections, charity donations – can help

There have been times when I have been collecting for friends presents, leaving presents, baby gifts etc. and I’ve taken charge of collection the money from others to buy this gift.  This can always be tricky as no-one really wants to be sending their bank details out over texts or emails, I’ve not seen thoseRead more

Less mess is always a winner in this house #RibenaMinis

Ribena Minis less mess

I am pretty sure I am not alone here, I hate taking drinks out for the children in my bag as I have lost count of the amount of times they’ve not put the lid back on their drinks and it’s spilled out all over the contents at the bottom of my bag, and the firstRead more

The fall of the traditional carrier bag

When the plans to charge for plastic carrier bags were first talked about, it may not have been a popular choice however it was set in place for a reason and we have all adapted rather well. We now keep our Trolley Bags in the boot of the car ready for shopping and if IRead more

Homemade Bird Food: What to Provide and What to Avoid

Are you feeding birds in your back garden? Well if you are, perhaps you’ve noticed that you’re on to a winning formula. You fill up the bird feeder and suddenly, you’re watching the birds flock into your garden to dine on all the delicious food you’re leaving them! But if you’re not experiencing that kindRead more

Introducing School Reviewer – a site for parents of school age children

school reviewer

When Emmy first started school I asked around local friends for advice on the local Pre-Schools. We went to look around the one we’d heard the best reports of and which happened to be within walking distance.  We really liked it so put her name down without looking at the others.  Our decision was easy – IRead more