How I’ve saved over £100 already this January

How to save £100 a month

It is the hardest time of the year for me and for many others I am sure, being freelance and self-employed a break over the festive period was lovely and very much needed however while I was enjoying the family time I of course wasn’t being paid. When self-employed there is no sick or holidayRead more

10 ways to be more money savvy in January 

10 ways to be more money savvy

You may still be feeling the pinch from Christmas, payday may not have been that long ago but it seems to disappear far faster in December, and with payday so far away now you may be looking for ways to earn some money or keep hold of it this month. Here are a few quickRead more

Cashback on Christmas shopping with Swagbucks

Swagbucks earn bonuses

That’s it now, the countdown to Christmas is now fully upon us, now already November and the shops are completely filled with Christmas décor.  This is my favourite time of year, and not just because it will be my birthday soon! Since this time of year in particular is a good one to have some extra money, Swagbucks isRead more