Things to give up for lent, and how to succeed!

what will you give up for lent?

With Easter just around the corner, we’ve got a second chance after our New Year’s resolutions to kick those habits to the curb.  Lent, which runs from the 1st March right up until Easter Sunday, is a time where people traditionally fight the cravings and give up something which has a negative effect on theirRead more

Sex, body image and all those in-depth conversations we dread just a little

Sex, body image and hard conversations we dread

As a parent there are so many conversations that we gear ourselves up for but it doesn’t make them any easier to actually get the words out, to word them in an age appropriate way depending on when our children ask them. Emmy has already become curious as to where babies come from, as aRead more

Making the switch can save the pounds

Around 2 years ago I was looking through my post and it was that really busy month when ALL of my policies seemed to be renewing at the same time, all the letters managed to hit the doormat in the same few days – I am sure I’m not alone with this happening, you move intoRead more

How It’s Possible to Eat Out and Save Money

January is the month where everyone is trying to save money to make up for the overspending at Christmas, and with everyone else saving, it makes it pretty easy to save a bit of extra cash yourself. However, February is the month where people are bored of staying in every weekend and everyone’s looking toRead more

9 Unique Family Activities You Can Try and Have Fun

That same old routine…That fuss of work and that frustrating hustle and bustle. Everything makes you exhausted. This is when we say to spend some quality time with your family and have some fun activities that can cheer you up. Although it is pretty tough to catch up with your family regularly, especially when youRead more

Wardrobe staples: Pieces everyone should own

We’ve all heard of capsule wardrobes, but there’s more to the concept than jeans and t-shirts and a pair of shoes that can be worn for any occasion. If you’re not ready to completely revamp your clothes rail, simply add these staple pieces to ensure you’re covered: A good all-round jacket A statement piece ofRead more

Why UK Winter Holidays beat the Sun

We are well into 2017 now will nearly everyone back to work after the festive break and already some of us feel ready for a break but, before taking out your passport, consider what the UK has to offer. At the beginning of the year many of us are pining for the sun and wouldRead more

Understanding Psoriasis and what can help

Psoriasis symptoms and treatments

Did you know that Psoriasis is something which effects around 2% of people in the UK and it is something which can start at any age however is most common in adults, men and women equally. Although it is actually being diagnosed more it is still something many don’t know much about and something whichRead more

Reroute Santa – Let the big man know where to deliver the gifts

With only a few days to go until the big day now, the children are getting very excited – all my gifts are wrapped and any I haven’t purchased now will have to wait as I refuse to visit the shops at this time of year, especially as the kids break up from school tomorrow.Read more