Gender in Marketing: International Women’s Day

Women aren’t always equal when it comes to the work place and men tended to dominate the high paying and more professional roles, however as the years tick on by this over-all gap has shifted and thankfully the old fashioned mind-set of a women’s place being in the home has changed.  Women have fought hardRead more

How safe are your children on the Internet?

Keeping children safe online

Both my children have their own tablets, at the age of 4, Harry’s is a basic Kids Kindle which he uses for the games we have downloaded for him and to watch either YouTube Kids or Netflix. He is signed into his own profile for this tablet for which we have set the parental controlsRead more

Disney on Ice celebrates 100 years of magic

Disney on Ice 100 years

This is the show I have been most looking forward to since I first read about it last year.  We all LOVE Disney here and love nothing more than kicking back to relax with a Disney movie, be it one of the classics from my childhood or one of the newer ones (Emmy’s current favouriteRead more

Help raise money for PETA the animal rights charity with Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson, the former Made in Chelsea star has teamed up with Leetchi to help raise much needed funds for the animals rights charity PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), the charity is led by Ingrid Newkirk and is a non profit corporation and is the largest animal rights group in the worldRead more

Share the Love to win BIG with Love Hearts

Love Hearts are currently on the search for the nations loveliest moments and they are looking for YOU to nominate someone deserving of a prize. Do you know someone who’s gone above and beyond? someone who’s raised lots of money for charity? Or perhaps is helping to care for a sick relative? It doesn’t have toRead more

Blowing away the cobwebs in Winter

woodland walks

While I love getting outside in the Summer, splashing about in the paddling pool with the children and spending as much time outdoors with the children as I can there is something a little more wonderful about doing this in the Winter months. You’ve heard that saying There’s no such thing as bad weather justRead more

My favourite Mum Moments

Becoming a mother was the best day of my life, something I had longed for a very long time and having had such a struggle to actually get there it is something I cherish dearly. I clearly remember my labour which lasted for 36 hours and ended in an emergency C-section, I’d not slept inRead more