Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 3

Wowsers, January is whizzing by way too quickly!  How can we be on week 3 already?   This week we’ve seen sickness again sadly – Emmy has had to have 3 days off of School due to a sickness bug and no doubt by next term I will now have another attendance letter….Just what IRead more

Weebledown Farm: Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn

Weebles are a toy I used to love as a child, I have fond memories of them and wish I had kept them for the children. Emmy and Harry have the Weeble Wind and Wobble Peppa Pig Playhouse and they adore it so were both over the moon when the Wobbily Farm Mill and BarnRead more

Cleaning the Cleaners!!

White goods…we all have them.  They are essential to our everyday lives. We all moan about them when they go wrong but do we actually look after them? I know I don’t! The washing machine washes our clothes, it’s used daily, sometimes more.  I pretty much always use the same setting each time and theRead more

A little bit of sparkle for a rainy day

It’s not very often I get to choose a gift for me, the children always come first, they always have done and so it should be. However recently I was given the opportunity to browse the Shade Station website and pick out anything I wanted for me.  Well I’m not sure if you’ve done thatRead more

Review: Step2 Water Wheel Play Table from Activity Toys Direct

Yes I know it’s Winter and it’s freezing but do the kids care?  Of course they don’t! Water play doesn’t always have to be done outside, I know it’s easier to clean up out there but a little prep and indoor water play is great fun. As I have already reviewed a sand & waterRead more

A letter to the impatient woman on the school run

To you….. You know who I mean. Your the one tearing down the quiet road looking for a last minute parking space, getting frustrated as your late and beeping at us with the buggies who are being forced to walk our children and buggies in the road. We are walking in the road as theRead more

Project 365 2015 – Photo Round Up – Week 2

Here we are already, the first full week back to School for Emmy, and I guess the first real week back to work for me too but if I’m honest I’m still slacking, I’ve not caught up and I not even sorry!  There has to be some perks to being your own boss and thisRead more

10 years of Muddy Puddles – Celebrating by looking at 10 popular Peppa Pig items

  When Emmy was young she loved Peppa Pig and now she is almost 5 that hasn’t changed – she is actually sleeping in her Peppa Pig Pj’s and bedding tonight.    Fast forward a few years and Harry has joined her with the love for all that is Peppa, he happily sits for ages playing withRead more