A cautionary tale to all who drive….

Failure to insure, insurance company at fault

I used to love my cars when I was working full time as a Nanny,  I had a brand new 306 and it was perfect until the 3 years were up and everything started to go wrong, and it got expensive.

After that I never bothered buying a new car again as it seemed a waste of money so opted for a second hand Land Rover which lasted a good few years, I only got rid of it when a lot of things started to go wrong at the same time.  It was then cheaper to scrap it and get another second hand car

This is the way we’ve continued ever since having the kids, buying a cheap second hand run-around off of our mechanic and scrapping for a newer one when things go wrong

It’s often much cheaper than forking out for new gearboxes,  head gaskets and the more expensive car parts

We did this once again in September as our mechanic found us a more reliable and newer run-around for a very good price

I called the insurance company up who swapped it over for us and took two weeks temporary cover out on our old car until it sold.

All was fine, or so we thought until Paul was pulled over in December for having no insurance.   Unable to contact me, panic set in as they were going to impound the car as Paul didn’t know who we were insured with.

Thankfully I got his message in time and text him over a picture of our insurance with all the details so the Police could check and all was well.  I had called the insurance in the meantime to find out what was going on and they assured me we were insured and that was that.

Roll on a few months and a letter arrives for me from the DVLA,  a failure to insure letter.

This states my car isn’t registered on the MID website as being insured. If I was I was I needed to contact my insurance company and get them to update the MID site with my details.

Of course this was done by me immediately as otherwise it carried a £100 fine at the minimum.   My insurance company apologised and said it would be done straight away.

So when the second letter came from the DVLA asking for proof of insurance I obviously sent it off with no worries at all that I would hear anymore


A week later, yesterday in fact,  I received a £100 fine for failure to insure (£50 if paid by a certain date)

It would seem my insurance company failed to do as promised,  and what they should have done in the first place and hadn’t updated my details.

So where am I currently left

I have no number or details of who to contact at the DVLA to fight this, the only number given is for payments only.

What I have done is called the insurance company again, twice in fact and have been assured it is being rectified.   I have written to the DVLA with more copies of my insurance details,  the contact address and number of my insurance company,  times, dates and names of who I’ve spoken to at the company.

Now it’s a waiting game I guess.

All I know is I’ve done nothing wrong yet seems likely I would be the one to be punished.

How can that be fair?

How can it be right?

I can guarantee I will not pay for a mistake which isn’t mine.

I’ve paid my hefty premiums on time without fail every month as I always do.

While chatting with a few friends and researching it would appear this isn’t actually uncommon!

It can take up to 7 days for insurance companies to get the MID records updated, and in that time your vehicle will show up as uninsured.

Now this means you could get pulled over if driving but if your parked up on a public road you could have your car towed and impounded.   Then obviously more costs are involved.

Now I am obviously an exception to this rule as mine was insured since September which is a hell of a lot longer than 7 days!!!  Watchdog reported on this back in 2010 yet it is still happening!

I have since found out you can check that your own car appears on the MID website by using this link.  I would urge you all to take a look just in case this happens to you as like me the first you may know about it is when a fine appears on your doorstep!

As you can imagine this has left me rather angry and upset!


Update 6th March :

I’ve received a reply from the DVLA who thank me for the additional support for my case but I am still liable for the £100 fine or I will be taken to court for failure to pay.


Further update:

I took to Twitter and within half an hour received a telephone call from 1st Central.  I had to pay the £50 fine and then provide them with a payment reference and was reimbursed and I also received a check for compensation for the inconvenience caused by this matter.


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29 thoughts on “A cautionary tale to all who drive….

  1. If you have proof of insurance in the form of an Insurance Cover Note take a copy and return it to the main DVLA address with a copy of the original letter for the fixed penalty notice. Ask for confirmation that no further action will be taken. Make sure you keep copies and record when you send the details back. Car insurance is a nightmare – I had similar problems and continued to tell them to get stuffed – any attempt at a prosecution for non-insurance after all would actually be vexatious if you can demonstrate that you were insured and that you have sent evidence.

  2. Oh god what a nightmare and how confusing. It's so hard when there's often no one to actually talk to on a human level about these things so you feel lost in the system. I hope you get it sorted.

  3. This happened to my sister-in-law when she got a new car. Her husband was working shifts and she waited for him to come home late to go out in it with him. They got pulled over by the police who said it wasn't insured. They drove back to their house to try and find the paperwork and she pulled out a leaflet about insurance for driving examiners. One of the police officers saw and said to the other, "It's alright. She's one of us!" and they left straight away!

  4. We had very similar situation last month with tax office. We received £1400 bill to pay for failure to deliver self assessment back in 2011… funny thing was that at this time Mark no longer was a part of the company; he already worked for TFL for the last 3 years so why would he need to do his own taxes. We fixed it but it took many, many hours on the phone trying to actually talk to a human being instead of automated messages.
    No apologies received.

  5. I had a similar problem a few years ago, was pulled over by the police and couldn't believe it when they said my car was coming up uninsured. After sitting in the back of the police car for about 20mins racking my brains as to who we were insured with I finally remembered. Safe to say I left that company when my renewal was due. Sorry to hear you've had such a horrendous time xx

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