10 Affordable outside sunny day activities

Finally, I spy something beginning with ‘S’…..It’s SUN!

It’s been missing in action for far too long now so we are making the most of it and spending as long as we can in the garden.

This week we have been in the garden from the minute we woke up, have walked to and from school and then returned to the garden to have tea and more fun.

Our top 10 inexpensive outdoor games and activities for this week are:

  1. Hide ‘n’ Seek – We don’t have the biggest garden however to a Pre-schooler hide and seek is still fun even if you hide in the same place or can be seen.
  2. Den building – I threw a large bed sheet over the top of Emmy’s swing and pegged another to the front and this kept her amused for ages – given the chance she would have loved to have drawn on my sheets making a door and windows so I may invest in some Supermarket cheapies or charity shop ones so she can draw on them.  This is also good for keeping the sun off of the kids and for creating a safe place to play for Harry away from the sun.
  3. Water Play – If you don’t have a paddling pool kids are more than happy with a hose or even a baby bath filled with water.  Emmy spends ages filling her watering can and watering the plants and moving water from one container to another.  We often add a few drops of food colouring to make it a little more fun, or even warm water and washing up liquid to create bubbles.
  4. Slide  – Apart from the normal up and down of a slide we have been taking Emmy’ dolly for a ride on the slide, taking her toy cars and sliding down and catching in a box at the bottom and possibly her favourite is rolling balls down the slide.
  5. Bouncy castle – This is a favourite of Emmy’s, she was given one by a good friend of her grandparents, however we forgot to store in the shed in a bag or box and the mice attacked it.  You can pick them up cheaply and are fantastic for using all summer round – we love to get it out when Emmy’s friends come over and they spend hours bouncing around wearing themselves out ready for bed.  I will be investing in a new on very soon and Chad Valley have a 6ft bouncy castle on offer for £99 which would easily replace our broken one.
  6. Building Blocks – Emmy loves nothing better than making models, creating new shapes and mostly this is done with boxes.  While looking at Bouncy castle I came across  “BigaBlocks House”, also from Chad Valley these are building blocks with a difference – you can use them to make a house (Emmy is desperate for a play house), a boat, plane, desk and many other options.

  7. Croquet – Emmy has a new love of Croquet since reviewing a croquet set last year.  She isn’t very good at it however finds it great fun and demands that we all have a turn in hitting the balls threw the hoops and it is great for her hand/eye coordination.
  8. Catch – Emmy learnt to catch ages ago and now loves to play catch and happily runs around the garden burning off loads of energy playing with her ball and throws the ball for our dog wearing him out too.
  9. Trampoline – Emmy loves to bounce on her trampoline, we got her one for Easter a last year and it has been a worth while investment and often we send her out to bounce even when it is raining to burn off some energy when she decides the sofa is a great place to jump.
  10. Picnics – We have been spreading a picnic rug or blanket out in the garden and easting our tea outside, Emmy loves this and would happily eat all her meals like this, now Harry can sit up too he loves to join in and tries very hard to steal Emmy’s food.

We will be spending lots of time outside while it’s sunny as you never know how long it will last.

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