10 awesome new crafts to try in 2015

With 2015 rapidly approaching, you might be thinking about taking up a new challenge, task or hobby – after all, a New Year is a great time to refocus your mind and improve your skill set. If arts and crafts take your fancy, why not stock up on supplies from sites like Homecrafts and check out these 10 awesome crafts ideas that are sure to keep you busy throughout the coming months?

1. Jewellery making

The great thing about jewellery making is that you can create accessories that are unique, personalised and not available in the shops. While specially designed bead kits can be bought in most craft stores, you could also make your own charms out of clay or painted ceramic.

2. Encaustic painting

There’s something wonderful about sitting down with a paintbrush and letting your imagination do the talking. Techniques are plentiful but if you feel like doing something a bit different then encaustic painting – also known as hot wax painting – might be right up your street. Coloured wax can be used to create a wide range of images or you could even use clear wax to transform a favourite photo.

3. Decoupage

Decorating objects with paper is known as decoupage and while this craft has been around for many years you can give it a modern twist by sprucing up items of furniture with recent magazine cut outs, newspaper snippets, comics or any other sort of modern literature or images.
Photo Credit: Jen – Mum in the Madhouse
If you want further details on a lovely decoupage project then Jen has a how to guide on making your own decoupage money box, as demonstrated by Mini above.

4. Quilling

Quilling – an ancient form of paper art – has been around since the 18th Century but has increased in popularity of late with many people trying out a range of elaborate patterns and designs including paper quilled earrings and quilled jewellery boxes. 
Make for Emmy by the very talented Liz – Hart of the Munchkin Patch

5. Quilting

Making a patchwork quilt is one thing but how about making a decorative piece from sentimental baby clothes? That way you’ll be able to free up storage space while transforming some of your most-loved keepsakes into something spectacular.


6. Pottery making

Anyone can go into a shop and pick up a vase or a bowl but if you want to fill your house with unique handmade items that will become the talking point of any room, then try your hand at pottery making. You’ll find a wide range of modelling materials online as well as a host of tools to shape and decorate each masterpiece.

7. Etching

If you’ve a steady hand, patience and eye for detail, etching could be the perfect activity to while away a wintery afternoon or a cold evening. It’s a great way to decorate your favourite glassware or you could even use this technique to transform ceramics, marble, tiles, metal and many other materials.


8. Printing

The wonderful thing about printing is that there’s really no limit to what can be achieved. If you’ve got kids, try making prints of their hands and feet or using toy blocks, leaves, sponges or anything else which creates an interesting pattern.


9. Arm knitting

If the click, click, click of needles is enough to drive you up the wall, fear not, as there’s a new technique in town.  Believe it or not you can make an infinity scarf in just thirty minutes by using  just your arm and some clever finger work.  It’s not hard, in fact it’s incredibly simple, but the results are extremely effective.

10. Collage

Technically, collages simply involve cutting and sticking, but with a little imagination you could produce something quite wonderful. Whether it’s forming a face from many different colours and materials or recreating the globe from magazine cut outs, a decent collage can be visually intriguing and look fantastic in a frame.
Crafting activities are fun for the whole family and can be done alone or in a group, so be inspired and unleash your artistic side!

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