The 10 Essentials of Home Gym Design

A home gym is the best place for anyone to work out well without any hesitation. In fact, one can even try new exercises and workouts. These days with facilities we get, it is very easy to build and design a home gym. There are some professionals who can help you design home gym but if you add little effort of yours, you can design it yourself.

Here are 10 essentials of home gym design:

Floor mats and water facility

The gym exercise does not just include workouts with equipment but also muscle exercises. So, it becomes very essential to have floor mats. They give you ease to work on your body with positions. Water facility has to be made in the home gym. They are required to reduce your thirst, once in a while because it is a bad idea to keep running to the kitchen for a sip of water every time your thirst and tired.

Dumbbells and kettlebell

Dumbbells are the most essential components of a gym. They are a basic requirement of gym workouts. There are numerous exercises you can perform using dumbbells. Always search for Hex shaped dumbbells with black runner coating because they last the longest. Kettlebells are another component of the gym very similar to dumbbells. They add more varieties to the exercises you can do in your home gym Kettlebells with smooth and big handles, without a painted coating are always best to bring home.

Acoustic felt panels

The gym will have some much of disturbance if you have many people working out. It is essential to have minimum calmness in the gym for doing better. Music has to be loud enough to rock you during the exercises. So, to keep the sound under control add acoustic felt panels. They are made of usually wool and has an acoustic layer inside. They are designed so well, that they will look like a décor to the place. Acoustic felt panels are used to form flexible areas with the absorption of unwanted noise and echoes. This will help you to have a suitable atmosphere for gym workouts.

Pull Up bars

Pull ups and push up are one of the important and common exercises in the gym. To add more effect to your pull-ups add pull up bars. They are available in varieties according to your position of the pull-up bars. They are laced at the corners, mounted to walls, and even to the doors. So, according to your space availability add pull up bars to your home gym design.

Felt hanging panels

The ceiling and the high walls are suitable to use for adding panels to the gym. In the middle of all the metallic equipment, panels are essential for a place to be usable. Felt hanging panels are very useful in creating such an atmosphere at the gym. The best part of these panels is that they are hanged from a position. So, you can add felt hanging panels anywhere in the gym, like from the ceiling or from a high hook of the tall walls, anywhere that suits them. They are affordable and easily available almost in all panels’ stores.

Jump rope and rings

Jump ropes and rings are the most simple and portable gym components. They are made of very simple materials which makes them always available. Add jump ropes and rings to your home gym to add more varieties to your exercise and workouts. When you are bringing jump ropes and rings, bring branded ones. Their material has to be light in weight and strength to use them for a long period of time.

Felt ceiling tiles

The tiles of the gym have to be very carefully selected. There are definitely going to be some imbalances and hits. So, the tiles of the gym have to be flexible enough to tolerate all that. The felt ceiling tiles are the best for the gym. The super flexible and naturally elastic which makes them durable and tolerant. The ceiling tiles are in particular made only for tiles but their flexibility makes them useful for floors too. Add felt ceiling tiles to make your gym safe for slips and hits. They are durable, reliable and good resistant.

Weight plates

Weight plates are essential to analyze your strength and stamina. Weight plates are added to bars according to your present stamina and after some time, higher weights are added. So, add weight plates to your home gym. They are available in different weights in kilograms like 2.5,5, 10, 25 and many more. If you are really more interested in weight plates, you can even add a 45 kilograms weight plate.

Felt wall covering

The wall covering has to be soft, not to harm you, yet resistant, to suit the wall strength. These two qualities are best fulfilled by felt wall covering. They are made of mainly wool material and are matted till they are strong enough to stand for the walls. The wall covering becomes very soft and yet strong making it elastic naturally and durable. Felt wall coverings have surfaces which are designable and can be decorated. They are even customized according to your requirements. So, add felt wall coverings according to your gym design theme. They are essential for your home gym walls.

Stereo system and First aid box

Exercises and workouts have to be enjoyed in your home gym. So, add the stereo system to your gym. They will add some rhythm and style to your gym. Rock music will help you better during exercises and workouts. A first aid box is a must in a home gym. Beginners will have some slips and hits. There has to be a first aid box to rush and help them calm down. This way it is also safe for you and the home gym users.


Above are 10 essentials of home gym design. They are the most essential and basic requirements of the home gym design. Without adding these to your gym, you cannot work out or exercise well. So, add these 10 essentials to your home gym design to complete your home gym.

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