10 signs you know you’re a blogger….Meme & Linky

I am now approaching my 5th year Blogging here at Emmy’s Mummy and Harry’s Too!, of course when I started out it was Emmy’s Mummy way back then.  I love it and it has, of course, changed from a hobby to a job over the years but I still remember the early days fondly, rattling along finding my feet and building up this lovely readership for my small part of the internet.
It was looking back on those early days and remembering which has inspired this Meme, it crept up on me and I can’t remember it happening but there are now obvious signs and things I do which remind me I’m a blogger, and I would love to hear your signs too.

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10 signs I know I’m a Blogger:
  1. I am on first name terms with all the couriers and postmen
  2. The Children know not to open a box/parcel until Mummy has her phone or her camera to hand
  3. I tidy a small corner of a room to take a picture and then forget to tidy the rest
  4. Chocolate is an acceptable breakfast/lunch for the Children if I need to take a picture – it means smiling faces too
  5. The Children point at the TV and ask ‘Mummy can the lady on your computer send me that?’
  6. My neighbours no longer question why things are taken outside to the pretty lawn for a photoshoot
  7. My food is generally cold by the time I eat it so I can take a picture first
  8. I realish the holiday seasons as an excuse to create something for a blog post, cards, costumes, recipes etc.
  9. There are not enough hours in my day and I find myself on the laptop until Midnight most nights
  10. I can finally touch type at quite a speed
I would love to hear from others their 10 signs you know you’re a blogger:  I am tagging Jaime –  The Olivers Madhouse, Chantelle – Mama Mummy Mum, Kara – Chelsea Mamma & Sarah – Boo Roo and Tigger Too to join in – of course you are all welcome to join in please don’t wait for a tag – it’s a bit of fun and I would love to read your posts.
If you do join in please share your post with me so I can read it.
10 signs you know you're a blogger
10 signs you know you're a blogger


I’d love you to link up your posts below so others can read your 10 signs – why not pop on over to read a few other posts yourself, and while you are there leave a comment too.  I’m looking forward to reading.
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15 thoughts on “10 signs you know you’re a blogger….Meme & Linky

  1. Ha snap to pretty much all of these, the boys know never ever to open a box without checking now… I think I drive them a bit mad when we go out for the day though as it takes ages to walk anywhere with me taking photos of random things at odd angles that might work well on Instagram 😉

    Stevie x #TenThings

  2. I have only had my blog for 3 weeks now but can allready see so many of these top ten occurring in my life . Especially the taking the photo of everything making it look in the perfect place and that the child looks happy and cannot see the milk dribble that is normally running down her chin !! X

  3. Love this! I'm definitely guilty of a few of the above things, especially when it comes to instagram. I'll defo give this a go and will add your badge, great idea 🙂

    – Cydney

  4. Ah, all so true 🙂 I don't do many reviews, but the kids already know not to touch things until I've taken a photo, and they often call me over to see things saying 'photo op mummy' 🙂

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