10 Tips To Grow Your Blog’s Facebook Page Without Paying a Penny!

As you know I love to share posts from fellow bloggers for you over here – This is an extremely helpful post written by the lovely Jen – Jen is no stranger to this blog and shared a very tasty soup recipe for you a few months ago. Jen is now back to share her tips on growing a very successful Facebook page for your blog can also be applied to small businesses too).

I pass you over to Jen. If you find this post useful then please to share, pin and leave her a comment. If you have any questions then please to ask in the comments section and Jen will come over again to answer them for you.

Hi, I am Jen I am the author of the blog www.justaveragejen.com. I have been blogging around 21 months now, initially starting to share my tips following my successful weight loss of over 10 stone and recipes for other slimmers. My blog now covers all things food and family lifestyle, still including a high proportion of weight loss content.

I have a Facebook page following at present of 24,560 (www.facebook.com/justaveragejen) that I have grown without ever paying to either buy followers or advertise. I am often asked for tips of how to grow a Facebook page for your blog. I am no expert but here I will share what has worked for me and how you can apply that to your blog.

Firstly remember that you are a person not a brand.

Whilst you may see your blog as becoming a brand you are the brand not a product. You are the selling point, it is you that people are interested in. This needs to be in the forefront of your mind in everything you post. Bear that in mind whilst you consider the following tips.

  1. Post at least 4 times a day, the higher your following the more you can post as each post will not reach everyone who follows you. Make sure these vary too, so I am for about 50% of what I post to be blog posts and the rest to be memes or similar.
  2. If you post the same thing try to vary it a little so if you are sharing a blog post you have shared previously start it with **In Case You Missed It** or similar so it doesn’t look like you are just copying and pasting the same stuff constantly and you are thinking of your readers.
  3. Be human – everyone makes mistakes, don’t just share your successes share your failures too, so I sometimes post if I burn myself cooking or forget to put the oven on! It shows you are a person and means your followers see you as a friend not just a faceless page.
  4. Try to always use a photo in everything you share.
    Add that before the link if sharing a link. Links and word only posts do not have such a high reach due to the Facebook algorithm for some reason!

    Pictures attract attention – this one always works and shows my 10 stone weight loss (it amazes me still)
  5. Share memes and funny pictures, you can make your own easily on apps if you prefer or share things that have gone viral. People will like it and share from your page. These don’t have to be completely linked to your niche but try to keep not too far from it. For example my readers are mostly age 24-44 so many will be parents so despite me not being a typical “mummy blogger” I share funny child theme memes often and they go down well with my audience!
    Use watermarks or add your website details for when it is shared
  6. Invite everyone who likes your posts to like your page. You can do this by clicking on the number of likes and then clicking on invite next to each name. I do this a few times a week so the people invited can easily click and still see what it was they liked about your page.
  7. Invite everyone on your friends list to like your page and ask them too, it is easy for it to get lost in people’s notifications so just ask them, they may then happily share your content at times which will help. Share your content from your page to your personal profile a few times a week, not too much but enough to be a gentle reminder!
  8. Use groups on Facebook to share your blog posts but share them from your Facebook page. Obviously check the individual group’s rules but this increases your reach and if people are interested they will go through to your page. So for every blog post I share it on my Facebook page with a link to my blog, a photo, and a short description of a sentence or two. I then share that status from my page to a few appropriate groups.
  9. Interact with your followers/fans. This may seem obvious but again remember they follow your page for you, by you replying to them personally when they comment they feel like you are their friend and they will keep coming back. Think about it like this, what do you go on Facebook for? Most people would say to chat to friends and see what they have been up to. To appeal you need to be this, not just updates of blog posts because that makes you more like a newspaper than a person.
  10. Make sure your Facebook page is visible on your blog, I have never used pop ups but others do successfully. Everyone who reads your blog needs to see they have that opportunity to follow you on Facebook and to know they will see a different you from that, they follow for long (if at all) if all you do is share the things you post on your blog because it is boring!

You can follow Jen on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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