10 years of Muddy Puddles – Celebrating by looking at 10 popular Peppa Pig items

When Emmy was young she loved Peppa Pig and now she is almost 5 that hasn’t changed – she is actually sleeping in her Peppa Pig Pj’s and bedding tonight. 
Fast forward a few years and Harry has joined her with the love for all that is Peppa, he happily sits for ages playing with the Peppa pig toys they share together (Emmy refuses to pass these over to Harry as she still likes them too – but the good news is they will actually share, well for a short while).
I can’t blame them though, there is something captivating about that Pig and it is a lovely show. Together as a family we have visited Peppa Pig world twice, when Emmy was around 18 months old and then again when Harry was the same age.
We’ve also been to see the stage show which the Emmy adored immensely.
And of course it’s also inspired lots of puddle jumping adventures.
It’s rather hard to believe that the show is now 10 years old, infact that’s making me feel rather old as the children I used to Nanny for also watched it too.
Without further ado here in no particular order are 10 of the top Peppa Pig toys.


  • Peppa Pig: 10 Years Of Muddy Puddles DVD
    – £4.50

    To help celebrate 10 years of Peppa this DVD features 10 of the very best episodes which are:

    * Muddy Puddles
    * Peppa meets the Queen
    * Baby Alexander
    * Biggest Muddy Puddle in the World
    * Champion Daddy Pig
    * Bubbles
    * Daddy Pigs Birthday
    * The Fire Engine
    * Rainbow
    * My Cousin Chloe
    We definitely know all of these episodes off by heart as they are much loved by the kids.

  • this is the story of when it rains so heavily there is a flood.  Peppa and George go to bed dreaming of the muddy puddles they can jump in when they wake up.  They then wake up to a flood.  Nanny Pig and Grandpa Pig come to the rescue in their boat along with Polly Parrot.  They head off along with Peppa and George to buy food for everyone.
    By the next day the flood has disappeared however they do discover the biggest muddy puddle in the world to jump in.

  • Peppa Pig Mini Activity Set – £4.88
    A travel set containing 20 blank pages, 20 colouring pages, 20 bordered pages, 1 chunky Black pencil and 5 colouring pencils.
    A lovely little set to take out with you to entertain the kids while waiting for food in a restaurant or for long journeys in the car, plane or train. 
  • The Biggest Muddy Puzzle Ever – £9.94
    A giant jumbo puzzle with large thick card pieces.  This is the biggest puzzle made by Jumbo – 35 pieces and measuring 100 x 70cm once completed.
    Made from high quality thick cardboard this puzzle is perfect for even little hands, while they may need a little help to complete it, they can use the picture on the box for a guide.
    Featuring all of the Peppa Pig characters.
  • Interactive Hide and Seek Game
    – £22.39
    This is a great game if your kids are like mine and love playing Hide and Seek – now it is a brilliant game but there only so many places for small children to hide – and lets face it that becomes boring when they hide in the same place over and over again.
    This is Hide and Seek only better – you hide the Peppa toy, then press her head and she invites you to come and find her.  After a short while she giggles and make noises to help guide the children to her secret hiding spot, she will keep doing this until she is found and you pat her on the head – she will then say “you found me”.
    Harry just loves this game and has started thinking up ingenious places for Peppa to hide
A video posted by Clare Nicholas (@emmysmummy1) on Dec 12, 2014 at 3:10am PST

  • Portmeirion 3 piece dinner set – £21.50
    A beautiful dinner set featuring an eye catching Peppa design.  A lovely addition to any dinner table to make your children feel grown up with their own china set.
    Make from refined china which is dishwasher safe, microwave proof and even freezer safe.
    Plate = 20cm (8 inches), bowl = 16cm (6.25 inches), cup = 0.2L (7.5fl oz)
  • Family Organiser 2015 Wall Calendar – £8.99
    With space for 5 family members this calendar should help to keep you all organised.  It includes a drop down storage pocket & stickers for special occasions such as birthday’s, haircuts, party’s, sleepovers as well as character stickers and muddy puddle one too.
    With a whole month to view and a notes section too there should be no excuse for missing a swimming lesson or parents evening again *Note to self – remember to check the calendar more often*

  • Peppa Pig Pink Puddle Apron – £4.99
    A very cute child’s apron featuring a Peppa Pig design.  Perfect for arts & crafts, meal times or baking, with it’s PVC coating it is easy to wipe down after use with a damp cloth.
  • Peppa Pig Shaped Marker Case
    – £9.99
    Includes 6 chunky washable marker pens and a paper pad.  Comes complete in a Peppa Pig travel case.  A perfect size for keeping in your bag for bringing out on train journeys, restuarants etc.
  • Peppa Pig Twist-Up Crayons
    – £4.98
    These are actually my favourite type of crayons as the kids don’t automatically break them on the first use.  The crayon is protected in a plastic casing and you twist up a small amount at a time.  Another great handbag addition for days out and meals out.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.  Affiliate link have been included for convenience.
All prices are correct at the time of posting


13 thoughts on “10 years of Muddy Puddles – Celebrating by looking at 10 popular Peppa Pig items

  1. My son loved peppa pig and then overnight just like that he was like nope and that was that, love affair over. I would never had guessed that it was 10 years. x

  2. It's nice to know that peppa pig is still a favourite with so many children. Thanks for mentioning some of the new products as I was looking for a gift for my friends daughter.

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