11 months and counting

Oh my, time is flying and I wish it would slow down.
Harry is now 11 months old. My blog baby is almost 1….how did that happen?
So what has been happening in this household?
Well 2 weeks ago he took his first steps. 5 steps from Daddy to me and then back again. He was so proud of himself, we were proud of him yet the one clapping, cheering and beaming the most was his fantastic Sister.  It was the best ever thing to watch – Emmy kissing and cuddling him and asking him to walk to ‘MM’ (she has started calling herself MM in the hopes that Harry will find it easy to say and talk to her – so cute)
He has been practising in the past 2 weeks and can now stand alone for a good 30 seconds and can do about 8 steps.  He is daring to try more and more everyday and just wants to walk.
(See Harry showing off his skills to Nanny)
Words: He is adding to his vocabulary almost daily and currently we have:
  • Dadda – progressed on from Dadad
  • Mumma
  • Clap
  • More
  • No
  • Um um (for food or if he likes something)
  • Bye
  • Og (Dog)
  • Iss (Kiss)

He is the most affectionate little boy ever, more so than Emmy ever was at that age.  He puts his arms up for a cuddle as you pass him or will try to climb up your legs to be held.  He kisses everyone saying ‘Iss’ when he wants a kiss.

He reaches out to be cuddled by anyone in the house even if he hasn’t met them before and when he is tired he will snuggle right into your shoulder and start stroking your arm.

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He can now climb the stairs and is flipping quick too – leave the gate open for a fraction of a second and he is gone, the same goes for doors.  He has learn how to get out of the back and front door, negotiate the slight drop and is in the garden before you know it.  Emmy is generally really good and had had it drilled into her that she must close the gate and shut the door.
He can almost climb onto the footstool and almost climb onto my bed – disastrous as I really can’t turn my back for a second.
He has 9 teeth and boy does he like to bite!
His best friend in the whole wide world is Emmy and he always wants to kiss and cuddle her, which is not always appreciated.
He LOVES to pull hair, eat play dough and paint and adores all types of messy play.
His favourite toy is his Didicar walk n ride and Emmy’s shopping trolley.
He eats absolutely anything and everything and I’m yet to find something he doesn’t like.
I have cut out his night time bottle as it was more a habit he was waking for it, and generally he will wake around midnight and 3am for a quick cuddle, his dummy then back to sleep until 6.30am.  He has only slept through a handful of times but he is still small really and will get there in the end.
He generally has two 20 minute naps a day and gets very grumpy when tired.
He is a treasure and we all adore him.
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    1. Thanks Alex
      It's a fantastic age. No longer a baby but still finding their place and their feet while still needing mummy loads.

      I wish they would stop growing up so fast though

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