11 Things Not to Forget When You Become a New Parent

When you become a parent for the very first time there is no feeling like it. Your entire world is turned upside down and you start to forget how life was before you had your child. You don’t want to turn into one of those parents who change completely and revolves everything around their new baby; although it is often necessary at times, you still need to make time for yourself. When it comes to self-motivation you like to think that it’s all covered, but you would be surprised at how much goes on the back burner when you have your first little one. There are so many elements in your life that you have to keep ticking over and you need to enjoy the hobbies you have always had. Many mothers can start to lose a sense of who they are and they start to forget their true identity. If you can remain level-headed and remember the things that make you truly amazing you will never feel lost in the whirlwind of parenthood. It is now time to start thinking about all of the important elements in your life and how to keep them alive no matter what your circumstances are. The following ideas will help you to maintain your strengths and sense of self, whilst being the best possible parent you can. You can only be a truly happy parent if you are content within yourself, so never forget this when you are on the stressful road to parenthood.

1.Your Career

Many new mothers put their career on hold to have a family of their own and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, if you are truly passionate about a certain industry or career path then you need to keep a hold of this tightly. Whether you go back to work full time or carry on your studies to get to where you want to be, there is no rush to pick up your career where it left off. If you don’t want to cause too much disruption to your daily life then masters in business administration online programme would be ideal for you. You could be any subject and gain a reputable qualification online without having to physically go back to school. Many new mothers feel the need to keep their skills up to date and refresh their knowledge, so taking an online course is the perfect solution.

  1. Your Friends

The people who can pick you up when you are feeling terrible are most certainly your friends. Don’t neglect them or forget they exist as soon as a newborn enters your life, as they may never come back again. So many friendships are broken once a child comes into the mix because priorities are shifted. Make sure you treat them exactly how you would have before the little one came along; if you do then you will always have a strong friendship to turn to whenever you are feeling low.

  1. Your Sleep

Getting enough sleep is notoriously difficult for any new parent but you can’t write it out of your life completely. If there is ever an opportunity for you to get some shut-eye then take it and run! You won’t get much say when it comes to when and where you sleep once your little one is born. They will be awake in the night and crying throughout the day, so if your body is telling you to rest, then you absolutely should.

  1. Your Style

In your head, new mothers wear tracksuits, baggy shirts and their hair up in a messy bun, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you were into your style before you had a baby then why does it all need to go out of the window? Don’t put any pressure on yourself to look a certain way, but don’t feel bad about treating yourself and making yourself feel good. If there is a certain outfit that makes you feel fabulous then you should wear it. Don’t let your love for fashion go on the back shelf simply because you have a new little one in your life.

  1. Your Partner

Your other half might have gone back to work since you had the baby, so they might find it difficult to spend quality time with you. You need to consider his or her feelings at all times so you don’t lose that special spark you had when you first got together. Organise date nights at least once every two weeks where you can properly talk and catch up with each other. This alone time will do wonders for your relationship and you will never have to worry about growing distant.

  1. Your Diet

You need to take care of your body when you have just had a baby. Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you will need the energy and nutrients to get through the day with a small child. Eat foods that make you feel good rather than opting for those quick caffeine solutions and sugar highs. You will feel much more energised if you eat well and stay hydrated at all times.

  1. Your Skincare

Before you had a baby you probably kept yourself up to date with the latest skin care regimes every single day. After having your first child you might want to keep up this interest so you don’t lose confidence in yourself. Even just treating yourself to a face mask once a week will keep you looking glowy and fresh no matter how much sleep you have actually had!

  1. Your Fitness

If you were a bit of a gym bunny before you had a baby then what is stopping you from carrying on with this passion? You could gain a lot of headspace and enjoyment by heading to the gym every so often, so don’t write it out of your life completely. Join a fun-filled fitness class with your friends and you will find a physical activity that gets your body moving again.

  1. Your Hobbies

Even when you have had a child, it doesn’t mean you have to put all of your life ambitions and hobbies on hold. Perhaps you loved to bake or go to singing classes; all of these hobbies don’t need to stop just because you have had a little one. Keep those sparks alive and get back to your beloved hobbies as soon as you feel comfortable.

  1. Your Home

You probably have a huge stash of interior design magazines and ideas brimming through your mind. Just because you have recently had a baby, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take pride in your home. You don’t have to give it a full makeover straight away, but keeping it clean and tidy will make you feel much calmer. If you are living in a chaotic environment it is likely that your mind will feel cluttered and fuzzy too. If you are struggling to keep up with the housework then don’t be afraid to ask for help. Hiring a cleaner to help you out every so often will give you the much-deserved rest you need.

  1. Your Self Esteem

Don’t allow your confidence to slip down the drain; maintain a strong and confident attitude at all times and you will never feel blue. Your mind, body and soul might be in a completely different place to earlier in your life, but you are still worthy and fabulous. Don’t let anything get you down; you should be proud of the amazing parent you have become recently. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise you don’t need them in your life anymore.


So embrace parenthood and enjoy every element it brings to your life. There will be great days and sad days, but you will come out a lot stronger in the end. As long as you can keep hold of your own identity you will never lose your way in life. Becoming a first-time parent is one of the most challenging things you can do in your life so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect.

You won’t have the best body, you won’t have glowing skin and you won’t be eating quinoa salads every day, but you will be the best version of yourself. Keep incorporating those little things into your life that make you feel complete as a person. As long as you can hold onto those tiny glimmers of yourself you will always feel complete. A new baby coming into your life is a big enough change so try to keep a lot of the other elements as consistent as possible. There will always be moments when you have a mini meltdown but that is completely normal for every parent to go through. The next time you have a weak moment consult this list and see if there is anything that can bring the sparkle back into your eyes.

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