18 months…already? How the heck did that happen?

I’m honestly in shock.
Lost for words!
My baby, my little baby has changed.
He has grown up.
I’m sad.
No longer a baby but a toddler.
A cheeky one at that!
From this innocent helpless bundle
Baby boy, Boy October 2012, www.emmysmummy.com
To this cheeky daredevil.
18 months already!!!
18 month old, www.emmysmummy.com, toddler adventures
He now has many new words. His vocabulary includes:

  • Dada
  • Mumma
  • Wow – this is his favourite at the moment.
  • Dog
  • Bicbic (biscuit)
  • Dodo (dummy)
  • Bed
  • Bath
  • More
  • Now
  • Ish (Fish)
  • Webix (weetabix)
  • Tebby (Teddy)
  • Bics (bricks)
  • Juice
  • Milk
  • Jack (his cousin)
  • That
  • This
  • Bar (Barney)
  • Peppa
  • Nite Nite
  • Nanna
  • Bob
And a few others which seem to change meaning daily…usually some sort of grunt followed by pointing.
If he wants something or wants to go somewhere he now grabs our hands and pulls us there.
His favourite programme is In the Night Garden and on a few occasions now, if he wants to watch it, he grabs an ITNG toy and the TV remote and hands them to us. It’s just so cute that we can’t refuse him.
He now sleeps solidly for 11/12 hours, most nights.
Climbs the ladder to the slide and slides down, often head  first.
He can now climb down the stairs safely as well as up.
He loves his:

Iggle Piggle singing cuddly
Toot toot drivers set
Big sister
He adores stories and can often be found sitting on Emmy’s chair or a potty with a book in his hand.  He can use a fork and spoon – although prefers his hands and he can build a tower with 5 building brick.


He continues to amaze me daily.


My baby is now a toddler – how did that happen?


38 thoughts on “18 months…already? How the heck did that happen?

  1. I know exactly how you feel, my son is 14 today and I have no idea where the time went. He's now taller than me and it's scary to think that just a few short years will see him leaving school!

  2. Ahhh it is scary how fast they grow up isn't it? I can't believe both my babies are now 2 1/2 and 10 months old almost a year! eeek It flies by. What lovely lovely photos here of your adorable little one through the various ages and stages. I love his vocabulary. He is so clever. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me and sharing your lovely post. #sharewithme

  3. Wait until the day you look at him and he's taller than you and growing a beard. Seriously you wonder how in the heck it happened 😀
    18 months is a lovely age – and so is 2-3 when they start holding conversations and you get a proper insight into how they view the world – and it all goes too fast!

  4. It does seems to happen faster than seems possible- at least you have so many wonderful photographs and memories to hold- I can't believe ours start nursery school next week- I still call them my babies!

  5. They grow up so quickly! My baby just turned 18 ! And is leaving home in September for university! Doesn't seem 2 minutes ago that she was a squashy little bundle!

  6. What a lovely post – but be warners, time seems to speed up even more the bigger they are – it literally whizzes away without me knowing where it's gone these days! Enjoy the next 18 months x

  7. I agree I love this age – when they are learning, and reminding you how wonderful human beings are. Just the way they absorb stuff, and you remember how hard it was to do things you now take for granted that you can do. He is very cute, and fab dinosaur oneise 🙂

  8. I feel exactly the same! My baby will be 18 months old in a week and I can't believe it – my longing for another teeny baby is huge!
    They are so wonderful at this age aren't they? It's definitely my favourite age :D!

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