20 ways to procrastinate instead of working

20 ways to procrastinate instead of working

Procrastinator: One who will do anything, including spending an entire day browsing blogs about procrastination, to get out of doing the necessary tasks of the day.

Ok, so this may not be the official definition of a procrastinator, but it’s close enough. Procrastination, I’ll admit, is something I seem to fight with every day. With such a busy life, it can be really difficult to stay on task. And even if I deviate from the job in hand for the sake of another that is just as necessary, it just seems so tough to see a job through from beginning to end without temporarily abandoning it at some point.

Let’s be honest, you’re procrastinating right now, aren’t you? Bored? Looking for cool procrastination ideas? Looking for why we procrastinate? Read on, and I guarantee you’ll forget your to-do list for the day but will have the best excuses for leaving the ironing until tomorrow …

Practice your signature

It might sound crazy, but trust me – how often do we actually use our signatures these days?! In today’s digital world, that little bespoke scribble is used less and less. I went to sign something for the kid’s school the other day and had to pause for a moment as I had completely forgotten what I was doing!

Test out the Pirate speak on FB

Did you even know this was a thing?! I mean, so much fun can be had reading the familiar screen of Facebook but in classic Pirate dialect! Try it!

Tweet inspirational quotes

You see, in the middle of a stressful day, everyone needs to discover some motivational quotes! And when you find them, you need to share them … Everywhere!

Create an inspirational playlist

Because procrastination is sweeter when you do it to your favourite tunes!

And wallpaper

Because, when the time wasted staring blankly at your computer screen is regularly interrupted by pretty screensavers and wallpapers that make you smile about the world, it’s a good thing, right?

Read blogs

Time very wisely wasted … obviously!

Find and watch cat videos

There’s something quite hilarious about cats falling from the edge of the sofa or scrapping with their own reflection, and laughter is therapeutic, so cat videos are necessary!


… Whilst you watch cat videos …

Social media scrolling

I don’t believe this one even requires elaboration. We all do it … all of the time … After all, what would you do if you didn’t know what those old school friends you’ve had zero contact with for 20+ years got up to last weekend?!


Well, it’s part of social media scrolling, right? And once those conversations begin …

Google Earth/Street View

Find your home!
Find the home you grew up in!
Find your childhood school!
Find your ex’s home … (Ok, possibly stop before you get this far!)
The possibilities are literally endless!!


Well, everyone needs a good library of box sets on standby for those days you need to procrastinate but don’t actually have the energy to!

Writing lists

Look, even if you achieve nothing today, just make sure you have a list of the things you intend to do … it’s the thought that counts, right?

Post on social media telling everyone you’re procrastinating

… So your fellow procrastinators can share their love of avoiding the task in hand too … often by the way of really cool memes that you can add to your collection … everyone’s a winner!


We all have those “I should be working but I just felt like cleaning behind the dishwasher” days!

More browsing

Go through every social platform, start with the trending, then the quizzes, then the videos, and then the most recent … sharing all as you go!


Update your calendar even though you never actually check your calendar.


Shop online for things you don’t need and then justify spending an extra £15 for the free shipping … even if the shipping is just £3.50!


Well … it’s been a busy day, after all!


Return to all social media platforms to see if anything has changed.
It probably hasn’t.

We all do it!

stop wasting time sign - 20 ways to procrastinate instead of working

Did any of the above ring true with you at all? It’s probably no surprise that it has taken far longer to get this post live than it should have because, well, I was distracted chsing images to go alongside it.


What are your ‘go-to’ procrastination activities?

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