20 week scan ……It’s a ………

I was so looking forward to today, It’s felt like forever waiting for it to happen.  I was very excited as for the past week I have been feeling baby move around a lot so I knew baby was alive and I guessed well.

It hadn’t occurred to me to be worried that something may be picked up that may be wrong with the baby today; because as long as the baby’s heart was still beating then all would be fine, the baby would be truly loved even if there were some problems found. 

Emmy was coming with us too to meet her new Brother or Sister, and all morning she had been walking around saying “Say Cheese Baby, Emmy come see you today”, “Smile Baby, Emmy here” or very similar which made my heart melt.

Emmy waited so nicely in the waiting room, sitting on our laps then venturing to play with the other children in the waiting room, and happily leaving the toys when it was our turn to go in.

She sat on Daddy’s lap and kept saying “Mummy’s tummy” and “look baby in there” which was so cute.

All measurements were taken and all was perfect with our new baby.

Here are the latest pictures:

20 week boy scan, 20+3 scan picture, 20+3 boy scan, www.emmysmummy.com
20 week boy scan, 20+3 scan picture, 20+3 boy scan picture, www.emmysmummy.com

I was wrong!!! I don’t say that very often but I’m publicly admitting it, because……

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  1. Hi,
    I left a comment on this post last year that was both genuine and sincere but I have been advised that I need to request that all links to my site from blog comments before a certain date be deleted.

    I hope you don't mind. I would love for you to keep my comment on your page but please dekete the link back to my site. (Baby knowledge). I would really appreciate your help with this.

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  2. Oooh I just found your blog via Love All Blogs, I am 16 weeks pregnant so it was lovely to read about your 20 week scan – what fantastic photos! Congratulations on the little boy, your daughter sounds adorable as well!!

  3. YAY! Congrats! Now you can go out and buy every single toy car, train and space ship related product out there. I never pushed my son into liking cars or trains, he just instantly fell in love with these things so clearly it's programmed into them to love them 🙂

  4. Wonderful news, a baby brother for Emily. Such fun times ahead for you all, so pleased it is all going so well for you. You know all boys are tractor mad, so Coombe Mill bound for you when he starts to voice his preferences!

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