Folr – Keeping tabs on the kids?

My children are way too young to have mobile phones however I was recently chatting with a friend who is letting her children walk home from school on their own now – they are 10 and 8.  It’s not a very long journey home, they go to the same school that Emmy will attend from next week and they live very close to me – however understandably she is worried.
Personally I feel it’s too young to be walking home alone but that’s me and Emmy won’t be allowed out to play alone (with friends) until she is around 11/12 perhaps.
However she has friends who will be walking the same route and will ‘keep an eye on them’ along the way – I don’t think the boys know this but it makes their mum feel better.
An app by Folr was brought to my attention recently, which provoked the start of the conversation with this friend.   Folr, is a location-tracking application which gives real-time information on the whereabouts of family members, significant others, best friends and more.  It can be installed onto any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and updates you on the locations of those you have set to track.
We started talking about the possibilities of this app – of course we thought it rather amusing we could possibly keep tabs on the hubby’s incase they popped out for a sneaky pint instead of walking the dog or shopping.
As fun as that sounded it wasn’t useful to us however we started school aged children, her children don’t yet have mobile phones as they are also too young – or so she thought however with them now walking home alone she is rethinking this option – they wouldn’t need a fancy phone, one that can make calls and send a text incase of an emergency but she could install this free app onto that phone and would be able to track their route home while she was in the office – any deviations to the sweet shop or a friends house could then be seen – or in the worse case scenario should anything happen on the way home she could locate where they are.
I do see the advantages of something like this – I feel you would definitely need to make the kids aware of this on the phone so they knew (same with the hubby really – it maybe a laugh to follow his every move however it’s rather stalker-like should he not know).
This could also be rather handy for elderly relatives too, obviously those who are tech savvy and have a mobile phone (that sadly counts out my Nan who can often find a home phone difficult – she won’t mind me saying that as we often joke about it as she speaks to the wrong end), you could check they got on the right bus into town and are indeed heading in the right direction – if not you can call to tell them.
You can download this app for free from the Play Store or App Store.
What are your thoughts on this app?
How would you keep track of?
And just for fun, if you could keep tabs on anyone, who would it be?
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4 thoughts on “Folr – Keeping tabs on the kids?

  1. This might be a good idea in theory but I don't personally agree with it. Relationships (of any type) are built on trust and I feel if I used this to track the whereabouts of my children I would be acting like "big brother'. Of course they need keeping safe and watching but to track them is taking things a bit too far! Sometimes you are better off not knowing every single detail of everyone else' business! 😉

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