Happy 5th Birthday Harry

Darling Harry

Just where the years have gone I don’t know.

My miracle baby number 2, my blog baby is now 5 years old.

It really does seem like only last week I announced to the world I had a secret to tell.  That secret of course was that I was pregnant with you. Both sets of Grandparents knew but that was all. You see, we’d been here numerous times before your Dad and I.  Staring at a positive test, daring to hope and to dream. Only this time around I was taking that magic white pill, that amazing and yet simple 75mg Asprin, the one I’d taken while carrying Emmy. That little pill really did have amazing magical powers. It keep Emmy growing strong and you too….my forever babies, meant to be born, meant to be loved and destined for earth.

I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason and you and Emmy are my reason for living, my reason for waking every morning and the reason I am the Mother I am today. You are part of me, the part which makes me whole, proud and keeps me grounded on a daily basis.

Happy 5th Birthday Harry


You are now 5 years old and I couldn’t be prouder of you.

You have a personality which is greater than any I’ve ever known.

You are not only handsome but clever, loving and wise beyond your years.

You know when to make others smile, know when they need a hand to hold or a friend to pick them up. You are there for everyone and they all want to be your friend.

You are the practical joker within a crowd, a best mate to all. The one everyone invites for play dates and to parties and the one to comfort those who need a friend.

I’m so proud you’ve settled into school so well. There are no tears and you bound into class surrounded by friends.

You are my little best mate and you give the best cuddles in the world.

Harry, never stop being you because YOU are AMAZING and I love you so much, anď never stop giving your special kisses as they make my day brighter.

Always my special boy, my bestest mate and my rainbow
I love you so much

Always and forever


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