Top 5 Delicious Buttercream cake designing ideas

Cakes can be made in numerous designs according to the occasion. The basis cake design will be entirely up to the individual and the occasion it is for – birthday, wedding, christening etc.

Here are a few cake ideas using Buttercream for decorating your delicious cakes.

1.Shadow Buttercream cake:

This Shadow buttercream texture is one of the best choices for delicious cakes. You can make the best use of buttercream for the finishing of the cake. If you don’t want to make a cake with one colour of buttercream, instead you can use use different colours of unique shades on the cake to make an ombre effect. You can place the lighter colour on the top layers of the cake. The bottom of the cake looks wonderful with the dark shades. You can vary the multiple colours of the shades in the creation of beautiful design of the cake. This cake looks attractive with these multiple shades from top to bottom and is rather easy to do too which of course if an added bonus. If you start with the lightest colour you can add a few more drops of food colouring to each layer, it would make one a best mother’s day gifts or birthday gift to surprise your loved one’s.

2.Stripe buttercream cake:

This is the design in shape of outer stripes/rainbow effect on the cake with the use of fresh buttercream. You can make these stripes on the cake with the use of piping. The best way is to run and icing comb around the cake to remove the buttercream in lines. After removing one colour of buttercream applies another colour buttercream in the removed lines of the cake. This lining design can give a catchy design to the cake. The stripe/rainbow buttercream cake looks beautiful with even combination of the lines.

  1. Combed buttercream design:

The buttercream is best to use for the outer design of the cake. It helps to shape up the cake in any of the design because of its smoothie nature. The icing combs are used to give the shape of the blocks to the cake. By using these icing combs you can make plaids like design and texture to the outer surface of the cake. These blocks are made with the proper spacing around the cake.  The stripes on the cake look attractive and give the cake a presentable texture.

  1. Paint textured buttercream cake:

The cake can be designed according to the choices of the flavours. A buttercream can be used on the cake with different textures. The painting on the cake with buttercream is the unique idea to make it decorative. It can be done with the paintbrush. You can move the paintbrush on the frosted buttercream cake. The design on the cake can be made by using the paintbrush in right to left, top to bottom and round repeating motions. The paint textured buttercream cake looks nice with this textured effect.

5 Rose shape buttercream texture:

The rose shape cake gives a romantic feel and smooth texture which is making it a perfect cake for all the occasions like it can be a  delicious mother’s day cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes. This unique texture to the cake can be given with the special piped ruffle tier. These special piped ruffles are used to make the rose shape texture on the top of the cake. The first step is to choose the colour of the roses for the design of this texture. You can select the pink, red and white colour for the rose design. The rose buttercream texture is used for the occasions like anniversary and your partner’s birthday.  This of course take a little more time, patience and practice but once finished looks amazing


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