25 things you can do on a coffee break while working from home

Working from home I find that I am sitting in front of the computer screen for hours at a time and as I don’t have a desk currently, I work sitting crossed legged on the sofa, I get rather uncomfortable and end up with a back ache by the end of the afternoon.

Of course this can be the same if you are in an office sitting at a desk, it can become routine and you begin to seize up a little.

It is recommended that we take regular breaks to stretch our legs, the same as you would when sitting on an aeroplane.

I like to set timers and have a 5-10 minute break every hour, this also helps me to be more productive in my work. Instead of getting stuck with writers block and spending too long writing the same post I move onto another task after that timer goes off and then come back to it freshly at a little later.

As I work from home I have housework I can be doing at the same time, here is a list of things which could be done at home during a 5-10 minute coffee break from work:

  1. Loading the washing machine
    This takes only a few minutes and by doing a load each day it helps to keep the washing pile to a minimum.
  2. Unload and reload the dishwasher
    This can be done while the kettle is boiling. Unload into piles for each drawer and cupboard so you don’t need to keep walking around the kitchen with only a few items.
  3. Unload the washing machine
    This takes a little longer to do than loading but if you hang the washing on hangers it helps to save ironing and they can be put straight away.
  4. Clean the bathroom
    Wipe down the surfaces, empty the bin, chuck some bleach down the loo and wipe around – if done a few times a week it won’t take long and can be done in 5 minutes
  5. Write a shopping list
    Writing lists help to not only save time but to save money too as you’ll not be wandering aimlessly around the supermarket when you get there.
  6. Read a chapter of a book
    It’s hard to factor in ‘me time’ into your day so instead of browsing social media while drinking your coffee why not try to read a chapter or a few pages, even if it is just once or twice a day – you’ll finish it in next to no time.
  7. Paint your nails
    While you are sitting still it is a great opportunity for a quick touch up and they will be dry by the time you’ve finished your cuppa.
  8. Play a game
    I am a Candy Crush player and have recently started playing Gummy Drop, by the time I take a coffee break my lost lives have refreshed and I can play for 5 minutes or so again.
  9. Check the lottery results
    We can all live in hope that our numbers will come up one day, you can check all the results on Lotto UK
  10. Make a phone call
    Has it been a while since you had a catch up with your Parents or even your Grandparents? Why not make a quick catch up call to check in on them to say Hi and make sure they are OK?
  11. Open the mail
    Instead of leaving it piled on the side, open it up and file away – most of mine is filed into the bin but at least it is out of the way.
  12. Dinner Prep
    Decide what it is you are making for dinner and prep what you can in advance, that could be putting it all into a slow cooker and turning on, peeling the potatoes and vegetables and leaving in a pan of cold water or even getting the meat out to defrost. Here Jen had loads of slow cooker recipes which you may like to try.
  13. Run the hoover around
    In just 10 minutes you can hoover all of the downstairs or upstairs depending on the size of your house.
  14. Strip and change the beds
    I choose a room a day to change the bedding otherwise I end up with sheets hanging all over the house and it ends up looking like a laundry shop
  15. Walk the dog
    I fill a thermos and take it with me so I am able to enjoy a coffee while exercising the dog and myself.
  16. Put the washing away
    This seems like an endless task which needs doing almost daily.
  17. Exercise
    Yeah, don’t laugh, I didn’t say I did it personally – but you could if you wanted too!
  18. Put away
    I have a basket on the bottom of my stairs, when tiding up I dump all upstairs items into that basket to save walking up and down the stairs aimlessly. A few times a week I will empty this basket and find homes for all the items. I also have one in the kitchen which I dump in items and toys which need putting away later on, once filled I will empty it.
  19. Dance and sing
    Just because, do you ever just put on your favourite song and dance around the room singing away to it for no reason? I do. I love to have the radio on while I am in the kitchen cooking dinner, nothing cheers me up more when I am feeling a little down than turning up the volume and singing away – we recently received a Roxi entertainment system to review (this review will follow shortly), this is a 5 in 1 music entertainment system which is great fun, you can stream music, play unlimited music as well as listen to the radio, play music related games and use as a karaoke system complete with microphone.
  20. Meal plan
    This is something I like to do as it saves me time and money.
  21. Cat Nap
    Catching fourty winks if needed never hurts, although I do have to set an alarm to ensure I don’t miss the school run.
  22. A little TV
    OK, this one is longer than 5-10 minutes however it could be done while eating lunch so you don’t feel you are wasting your working day.
  23. Social Media
    I try to keep social media switched off while I am working otherwise I become distracted and before I know it an hour has past and I am still scrolling my Facebook news feed, I instead check it when taking a break.
  24. Do your hair
    I tend to shower at 6.30am and get dressed straight away, before taking the kids to school. I don’t then have time to dry my hair or style it – Paul is always still asleep and there just isn’t time with having to get the kids breakfast and dressed for school. I will try it and style it when I get back from the school run instead.
  25. Drink a HOT cuppa
    With all the other distractions around us, and of course the list of other things I have listed above, it is rare I actually remember to drink the much needed cuppa I have made. Sometimes it is nice to do NOTHING and just drink that cuppa instead.

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