Greetings from Down Under! #IBSW14

Today I have a wonderful treat for you.  I’ve partnered up with a lovely blogger from Australia in the first of the International Blog Swap posts. The International Blog Swap is about introducing others to new blogs, the bloggers behind those blogs and making new friends,  think of it as having an Australian Blogging pen-pal.  So without further ado I would like you to all meet Nikki.
I am
delighted to be a guest on an awesome blog on the other side of the
world. My name is Nikki and I live in beautiful Brisbane, Australia
with my two gorgeous teen girls and Miss Tiger the fluffy feline.
My blog
Wonderfully was
born just shy of three years ago when my 23 year marriage came to an
abrupt end.  I wanted something positive to focus on and blogging
became that thing. Knowledge should be shared and this was the
perfect way for me to share what I have learned and hopefully make
someone else’s life easier or better. I love blogging and
connecting with others that do the same.  Distance is no obstacle in
this digital age.
Born in
Melbourne, Australia, my parents were in hotel management so I spent
many years living overseas and in Australia, 5 star resorts were my
backyard. It took me 13 schools to finish year 12 as we moved so
often. My family settled in Brisbane when I was in year 11 and we
finally had a permanent home. Having no idea what I wanted to do when
I left school, I never made it to University; instead I went on to
become a Corporate Travel Consultant. For 13 years I worked long
hours, and travelled a LOT, but it was an awesome lifestyle! One day
I decided to lock the passport in the bottom drawer and try and have
children. It took two failed attempts before two beautiful girls
graced my life, and I never sat behind a desk again.
When the
girls were young, like most kids they had way more than their fair
share of sore throats, ear infections and the like. I hated running
to the doctor every 5 minutes for more anti-biotic medication. I soon
discovered a world of pure essential oils and natural treatments that
actually worked. I went on to study massage, aromatherapy, beauty
therapy and more. I set up a clinic at home and for many years helped
others relax and heal.
My blog is
all about sharing things that work. You will find natural treatments
for health and beauty, good food, handy hints, anything that involves
coffee or chocolate with a little inspiration thrown in for good
other ‘Aussies’ I detest Vegemite (it smells revolting), I do
love our famous biscuits Tim Tams and the best chocolate in the world
is made by Cadbury here in Tasmania. Kangaroo’s do not bounce down
our main streets as is so often suggested and I have cuddled a Koala
but don’t have one as a pet. Brisbane is sub-tropical, so when I
say it’s cold, you would probably just laugh at me. There is
certainly no snow here to freeze my toes. I am happiest when I am at
the beach, thankfully my parents retired to the Sunshine Coast and I
now have a permanent holiday home just over an hour’s drive away.
Life is good in the ‘lucky’ country.
come and say g’day, you will find me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  or Twitter . I would love to connect with some
fabulous new faces from abroad.

Thank you
Clare for allowing me to stop by and say hello!

You can read my introduction post over on Nikki’s blog here.

20 thoughts on “Greetings from Down Under! #IBSW14

  1. What a brilliant idea! This was lovely to read and the picture of the beach made me want to jump on a plane (and I hate flying!!)

    kirstyjfox [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. How lovely, my Dad lives in Cairns and we haven't been yet but are hoping to soon. Great post xx

  3. A lovely blogger I know very well moved to Tassie recently and it seems like an idyllic place to be. I similarly started a blog as something positive to focus on. Great to read more about another blogger – I love the idea of the blog swap x

  4. Hi Nikki, how lovely to see you here on Emmy's Mummy blog. I'm loving reading all these posts from the other side of the world. Clare is lovely, as are her children x

  5. Hi Nikki! I have two brothers who both live in Australia, one in Melbourne and the other in Sydney. The one in Sydney works for a travel co too and travels a huge amount. Like you he's starting to think about longer term family options now. He also has funny ideas about hot and cold- but he's a surfie too and lives for the beach days!

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