3 Great Counselling Positions every Mum Should Consider

Are you interested in working in a position that is people-oriented, where everyday is different and you go home knowing you’ve made a difference? If want to pursue a career where you help those in your community, consider going into the field of counseling. More so than ever before, counseling is an increasingly lucrative and competitive career path that offers professionals excellent entry-level salaries, benefits, and long-term job stability. Acquiring a degree in counseling means that you have a myriad of professional opportunities in a variety of fields.

Working as an Educational Counsellor

One of the most traditional positions you can fill with a degree in counselling is that of educational or school counsellor. If you love working with young people then this could be an excellent fit. With a degree in counselling, it is possible for you to work in a number of school or university settings, offering students both emotional support and career or educational advice. Working in these types of institutional environments offers you long-term job stability and the potential to pursue an eventual career in educational administration. The requirements for this type of position usually include a graduate level degree, but with new options such as an online counselling degree, it is increasingly possible to work and attain this educational training.

Assisting Families as a Pregnancy Counsellor

One of the most engaging and emergent sub-fields within the realm of counselling is that of family or pregnancy counsellor. As a pregnancy counsellor, you can work with women and their partners on a variety of topics ranging from parenting advice to counselling young mothers through unexpected pregnancies.

This position allows you to work in a variety of capacities from general pregnancy education to more specific counselling of parents whose pregnancy involves genetic or congenital disorders. While working as a pregnancy counsellor, some institutions require only a nominal accreditation, but the most competitive and well-paid positions demand an advanced graduate degree. Regis College offers a masters in counselling online that provides you with a social-justice focused education taught by qualified professionals in a supportive environment.

Traditional Emotional Counselling

A consistent position that is projected to increase in demand is that of mental health counsellor. Mental health counsellors work in many different settings from hospitals to universities, to prisons, and even in private practices. This type of counselling involves providing people with individualized emotional and psychological support in a clinical setting. If you are interested in working with people one-on-one every day, this is an excellent position to pursue. Mental health counsellors enjoy job flexibility that allows them to work in a variety of capacities making this position a great use of your degree in counselling.


As more individuals in society show an increased need for social and emotional support, the role of the counsellor is rising in professional prominence and salary compensation. Today, a degree in counselling now can qualify you to work in a variety of different capacities and industries. Pursuing a degree in counselling ensures that not only will you be able to help people as a professional but you will have job security and an incredible opportunity for years to come.


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