3 Things to Know About Welding As a Hobby

Welding is mostly done in metal workshops and on construction sites. However, this skill is not just limited to professional welders. Anyone with an interest in welding can pursue it as a hobby. It is a creative and fun way to spend your evenings or weekends. While welding, you get to fix and create things at the comfort of your own workshop. All you need are welding skills and equipment to make this hobby worthwhile. Before you make this decision, you should consider following the tips:

1) Buy the Right Welding Equipment

You can choose from two welding styles. They are MIG and TIG-stick welding. If you are a beginner, you can start with the easier option, that is, MIG (gas metal arc welding).

Welders differ in functionality and costs. When buying a welder, you should consider your budget plan, the kind of work to be handled, and its compatibility with your home power supply.

Most MIG welders are cheap, but you will have to purchase shielding gas. You should also consider a welder that is suited to the type of material you are welding. Visit https://www.ratemywelder.com to see reviews of popular welders and accessories. Looking at these product reviews will guide you so that you only get to purchase the right equipment. Also, do not forget to buy protective accessories such as welding gloves, a helmet, and welding glasses

2) Learn How to Weld

When considering welding as a hobby, knowing how to do it is important. It is easy to learn this by attending welding classes at a local college or training centre. Taking a course will equip you with all welding skills and theoretical information on the same. However, taking this course can be quite costly and takes about four months to complete. Alternatively, you can contact a welder in your area for apprenticeship classes. They are cheaper compared to training centres and have first-hand experience in welding. The only disadvantage of learning from a welder is that you will not get theory classes. If you cannot find time to attend any of these, you can still train through online resources. They are many websites that create welding content like video tutorials. All the methods above are effective in learning this skill; all you have to do is choose one that can fit your schedule.

3) Adhere To All Welding Safety Measures

This high-risk activity can lead to serious injuries and even death. When welding you are exposed to extreme heat, sparks, gases, and fumes. You can also be electrocuted. You may also be blinded by the bright light produced during welding. Make sure to put on protective gear like gloves, glasses and cover any exposed skin. It is recommended that you weld in a well-aerated room that allows for easy circulation of air. You should also have a fire extinguisher nearby since the sparks can ignite a fire. Know that you are not the only one at risk here. Keep your household safe by following these safety measures.

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