32 weeks growth scan – pregnancy update

I can’t quite believe I’m 32 weeks pregnant already – I’m not sure where the last few weeks have gone, it’s really flying.

I had been convinced I was bigger this time around until I wrote pregnancy in pictures where I compared Emmy’s bump to this bump and I actually was bigger with Emmy.  This growth scan has been booked in since I saw my consultant at 16 weeks – it was to see if ‘baby boy’ was going to be on the big side like Emmy was.

I had agreed to try a natural birth however if baby was big then I could get a c-section.  I was sure baby would be big but NO he is measuring spot on 32+1 which is what I am……..he was however in the Extended Breech position – Monkey.

Baby boy scan 32 weeks, extended breech position picture, www.emmysmummy.com
Baby Boy at 32 weeks

His head is currently nestled under my right ribs, his spine arched around my tummy with his bum in my left hip area and his legs stretched out straight into my bladder – we could also see him grabbing his toes with his hands in a monkey pose (a favourite thing for Emmy to do too).  You can see his feet level with his nose in this picture.

I was convince he was the right way around – so much so I’ve been telling everyone that this lump here (under my ribs) was his bum – whoops, just a little wrong there!! This would explain the fact my bladder is now resembling that of my 2 year old’s though – he has been booting me in it for at least a week and a half.

I’ve now another scan booked in for the 11th September when I’ll be 34 weeks and I need to see my consultant again.  At the moment my plan of action is to try a natural birth if he turns around, if not I will be booked in for a c-section.

6 thoughts on “32 weeks growth scan – pregnancy update

  1. Ah what a great scan picture! My youngest was breech for most of the pegnancy and I was SO uncomfortable so you're lucky you didn't know! there's plenty of time for baby to turn though 🙂

  2. my little girl was in exact same position from 28 weeks and didn't budge. I tried having baby turned as really wanted natural birth but she wouldn't budge. Turning was awful as well. hope he turns on his own. crawl round on all fours. my mate swore by it. unfortunately my little one stayed stuck! lol x

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