4 Benefits of Sending Young Children to Day Nursery

For many families, day nursery is a necessity because both parents work and both wages are needed in order to afford everything that they need. Recent studies suggest that sending young children to nursery has numerous benefits for their health and development. One of these studies was carried out by the University of London and published in the summer of 2013. It showed that children who went through three years or more of nursery education were able to advance faster through the ranks of academic attainment faster than those who remained at home until the age of five.

This study, and others, suggests that day nursery for children aged 2 to 2 ½ years may be beneficial in a number of ways. Here we take a look at some of the most compelling reasons for enrolling your child in a day nursery from a young age.

It Prepares Them for School

The experience of going to nursery is much like that of going to school, because of this, children who go to nursery will get a taste of what school is like before they go. By exposing them to this environment at a young age, you will help them to adapt as quickly as possible, both to this experience, and that of going to school when the time comes. Nursery is a fantastic opportunity for children to develop their confidence in socialising with one another and in relating to adults.

It Encourages Playtime

Children will have the chance to play a variety of games and take part in a number of different activities with the other children in their nursery group. Playing games with other children and adults is another way of developing their confidence and social skills with both groups. There is increasing evidence that children who are more active early in life are more likely to continue to be active as they grow up and therefore have better overall health at each stage of their lives.

Teaching kids the importance of staying active early on, and helping them to understand that there is a world out there beyond the television, will encourage them to embrace the great outdoors and all the opportunities that it provides. It is understandable that sometimes at home parents find it easier to switch the TV on to distract the kids for awhile, but it is important to teach your kids about other activities and why spending time outdoors is worthwhile.

Basic Training

Day nursery is an excellent setting for children to learn many of the basic skills that they will need as they grow older and their social interactions become more complex. For example, by taking part in activities with other children and adults, kids will start to understand concepts like taking turns, sharing, and the importance of being polite and kind to one another.

There are also a number of practical skills which children can learn at day nursery.  Chief among these is potty training, something which many parents spend a considerable amount of time on with their kids at home.

Peace of Mind for Parents

One of the big advantages of day nursery from the perspective of parents is that they can leave their children somewhere where they know they will be safe and well looked after during the work day. Parents of young children are often operating on minimal amounts of sleep and so are more susceptible than most of us to stress and anxiety. Nursery workers, on the other hand, will have had a good night’s sleep, will be well rested, and are being paid to look after children, manage their tantrums, change their nappies, and take care of all the other little things that every parent sometimes needs a break from.

Nursery workers are also able to view parents through a different perspective and will have a different experience with them. This means they are in a position to offer constructive advice that parents themselves might not consider.

Sending your young children to day nursery has numerous benefits, both for them and for parents. While at day nursery, children can learn new skills, make new friends, and interact with other people, all of which contributes positively to their growth and development.

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