4 Career options for super busy parents

When you decide to take on the great adventure that is having children, you may think that you’ll be able to go back to your original job and carry on as normal. However, despite some parents making this look easy it isn’t the answer for everyone. This is nothing to feel guilty about, parenting is both hard and time consuming but you wouldn’t change it for the world, right? If a full-time career seems out of the question at the moment, here are four career options for super busy parents.

Become a freelance writer

Can’t write, won’t write? You don’t need to be super talented to write content that people will enjoy reading, you just need to be passionate about your chosen topic. Perhaps you could write about childcare and what you have learned, there are always people willing to find out more information. Or, if your passion is gardening why not start a gardening blog? The Internet is there for us to make the most of and with such an open-minded platform it’s easy enough to do. For more information on how to make money from blogging, click here.

Give cleaning a whirl

If you want a job where you’re in high demand, cleaning jobs are really rewarding and the perfect flexible career for busy parents. If you take pride in your cleaning work at home, and get that wholesome sense of satisfaction once your house is in order, chances are that you will feel the same sense of achievement cleaning other people’s homes and businesses. You will also have the chance to work the hours that suit you, so picking up the children from school won’t be a stressful task anymore.

Get your calculator out

If you don’t already have the skills and qualifications needed to become an accountant then you could take a part-time course from home with an Open University or a CIMA and ACCA accredited online company. Once you have gained the necessary qualifications, you’ll find there are tonnes of part-time accountancy jobs, as most small businesses only need you at certain times of the year.

Teach what you know

Although a background in teaching and education will perhaps give you the chance of more success when it comes to tutoring, sometimes just your fantastic knowledge of a certain topic is enough. Think of all the children out there who are at the same level as yours but struggling with exams, all they need is a bit of a help and when you can charge up to £20 a session it’s not difficult to make money if your heart is in it. You will need to apply for a DBS certificate, which is required by law and also provides students and teachers with that piece of mind. For more information on teaching from home, visit The Tutor Website.

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