4 Cities you will love to explore with your kids

Travelling is a great way to introduce your kids to new cultures, sights and customs, but it can be a little more complicated than it sounds. There are usually a lot more considerations to take into account when children are involved, and this is done quite rightly to ensure they stay safe and well during the trip.
Therefore it can be worthwhile choosing a destination that is better equipped with accommodating you and your children. However, you will need to choose exactly where you want to go. Why don’t you choose from one of the cities listed below if you want to head to a place that will cater perfectly to your whole family?
Your first option is staying on UK soil by picking London for your city break. Firstly, the travel time will be amongst the lowest available, and there are perhaps a surprising number of activities and attractions on offer.
If you stay somewhere less central, you can make use of lower hotel rates whilst still utilising the robust transport network to get around. Things you should see include Big Ben, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace, and you might also want to catch a show in the West End when matinees are available.
Alternatively, you could choose to hop on the Eurostar train service and head to Paris in France. Paris is a city with a great selection of restaurants and plenty of museums and attractions that scream culture. This makes it perfect for teaching your kids more about the arts; you never know, they might develop a new passion during their trip! Make use of travel guides whilst you’re away to uncover some hidden gems your kids will love. Alternatively, do a day trip to Disneyland to get them on side.
If your children are old enough to cope with a flight across the Atlantic Ocean, you could think about booking a trip to Toronto, Canada. With lots of distinct neighbourhoods such as China Town and Little Italy, you won’t be short of places to take your kids to try some new cuisines. Combine that with the theme parks, CN Tower and the zoo, and you might just end up with the perfect ‘kid friendly’ city break.
New York
Another attractive destination across the Atlantic is New York. Whether you decide to do a multi-city trip or focus on one, New York will give your whole family a magical experience. It is all about trying new foods, seeing shows on Broadway, and discovering Staten Island. You may need to save quite a few pounds to get enough dollars to do everything that you want, but it is fair to say your kids will not get bored. You can find flights to New York here.
These are just some of the locations you could consider, but of course, there are many more such as Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Sydney. I’d love to hear where your best city break was with your family and any recommendations that you might have. Please leave your comments below…


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