Why These 4 Destinations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa Should Be on Your Bucket List

Let’s play a game. If you had to pick one travel destination each from Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa which ones would you select? In fact, let’s make it a bit more interesting. Let’s, for instance, assume that these 4 international travel destinations are going to be the only places you are ever going to visit in those continents. That means you need to somehow find a tourist spot that gives you all the flavours, sights and sounds you expect from the entire continent.

That’s a big burden and an unfair one at that. Mainly because each region in different parts of the world has their unique culture, landscapes, cuisine, architecture, and customs. For the sake of this list, however, we are going to leave you with 4 travel destinations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa, that we think should be on your bucket list.


The land of baobab trees, drum-heavy music, and the mighty Savannah, perhaps no other continent gets you so close to raw nature as Africa does. Look at any online travel guide and you would find that no Africa trip is complete without witnessing the big 5 (lion, elephant, cape buffalo, rhinoceros, and leopard) in their natural habitats. There are plenty of national parks peppered all across the continent right from the famous Kruger National Park in South Africa to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. For the sake of this travel list, we picked the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya.

Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya: A 6-hour drive from Nairobi, Maasai Mara National Parks offers you that quintessential African experience. From visiting a Maasai village to going on safaris, this is a must-visit location in Africa. The Mara river teeming with hungry crocodiles witnesses the great migration of wildebeests every single year. Flocks of tourists visit the park to witness this awe-inspiring natural occurrence.


From urban metropolises of Hong Kong and Tokyo to untouched deserts in the Gulf nations, perhaps no other continent is as diverse as Asia. This makes it all the more difficult to pick one destination that can represent the entire continent. We decided to go with one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, Thailand.

Krabi, Thailand: Krabi represents the best of Thailand with unspoilt beaches, amazing food, and a vibrant nightlife. The beaches here are bordered by beautiful lush green mountains and are considered one of the best in the world. If you ever decide to visit Krabi, check out Railay beach, Phranang beach, and the Hong Islands. Being a popular tourist destination in Thailand, there are no shortages of cheap street food options. Almost all restaurants have a great selection of seafood which usually includes grilled squid, seafood pad thai, and fresh oysters.


For someone who has never been to Europe going on a multi-nation European holiday sound too alluring to pass down. From the tulip fields of the Netherlands to the bustling urban life of London, this continent has much to offer. You can witness the beautiful aurora borealis and taste scrumptious meals at Michelin star restaurants all in one day. For our list, we picked the most visited place in Europe.

Venice and Rome, Italy: Okay, we cheated here as we clubbed Venice and Rome together. That’s because Venice is just a day’s train ride away from Rome. Also, most tourists who visit Rome also visit Venice. We suggest visiting Rome for the amazing architecture. Where else can you see architectural wonders such as the Sistine Chapel, the Pantheon, and the mighty Colosseum in one single day? When you are done visiting the monuments, get lost in the meandering streets and try local Italian pizza. We suggest trying pizza Bianca, this dish alone should be reason enough to visit Italy. Venice is a train ride away from Rome and it’s one of those few places that’s better than it’s hyped to be. Book an apartment in Airbnb and just get lost in the labyrinth of alleyways and canals.

North America

The place of megacities and vast natural landscapes, North America has plenty to offer. Right from the frozen landscapes of Alaska and Northern Canada to the one and only Grand Canyon, there are no shortages of sights that take your breath away. However, when it came to picking one destination, the choice was easy.

New York City, The United States of America: Who are we kidding, New York had to be on this list. The holy grail of travel destinations, New York City is the pinnacle of urban lifestyle and architecture. Countless TV shows and movies have been shot in the city, which makes visiting the city all the more appealing. From the tasty $1 pizza to the urban light show of the famous skyline, New York City deserves a visit from everyone who loves to travel.

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