4 tickets to the Babyshow to giveaway

As some of you know I am off to the Baby Show again on Friday, this is being held in London Excel on 24-26th February.

I attended the event last November and had a great time meeting loads of lovely people, seeing some wonderful new products and getting to play around with them too – one company I have continued to keep in touch with is Syner-Med.  They make a wonderful non-contact thermometer which is so easy to use and to read.

These thermometers not only display the temperature but display a colour to show how that temperature should be gauged – Green = normal, Amber = elevated temperature, Red = high (fever).

We reviewed this wonderful product a while ago, here is our review.

If you would like to purchase one of these great Thermometers enter code “Emmysmummy” at checkout for a 5% discount!
Martin from Syner-Med Direct has kindly offered Emmys Mummy readers the chance to win 4 e-tickets to the Babyshow this weekend (you can chose which day you would like to attend Fri-Sun).

For your chance to win one of these tickets just answer the following question and comment below – I will randomly pick 4 winners on Wednesday evening (my shortest run competition to date so get your entries in quick, the winners will be chosen at 9pm 22nd Feb)

Question: As well as body temperature, what 4 other things can be recorded with this thermometer?

(Answers can be found on their website www.syner-med-direct.com or in my review)

Good Luck.

8 thoughts on “4 tickets to the Babyshow to giveaway

  1. what a fab idea – four other things are Rooms, Baby Food, Baby Milk, Bath Water and surface temps. coud really do with one of these ready for new baby 😀

    Karen Mays 😉

  2. You can measure – food temperatures, surface temperatures, food/milk and baths as well as body temperature.

    Jane Cheeseman 🙂

  3. You can use this thermometer for people, rooms, food/liquid and the bath water.
    It sounds like a great universal thermometer.
    Hope I win been entering loads of comp for tickets and haven't won yet!

  4. I like the fact it has the colour warning too! Up until recently I thought that my ds only had a temp if it was 39 or over!
    The answers are: body temp, surface/room temp, food temp & milk/liquid temp.
    Oohhh hope I get tickets! I really want to go on Friday!! 🙂 x

  5. Wow that thermometer looks loads better than ours! I never really know whether Bubs has a temperature or not so the colours are great.
    In answer to your question, Im going with room temperature, baby food, bathwater and surface temperatures. 🙂 x

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