5 alternative gift ideas this Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, you have probably already started ticking off your gift lists. In fact, some of you may have wrapped a few if you’re impressively organised. But with so much on offer on the market, choosing the perfect present can be tricky and it can be tough thinking outside of the box. Here’s a list of 5 gift ideas – other than socks – to get your friends and family this Christmas.

Theatre tickets

Tickets to the theatre can be the perfect gift to share with mothers, partners, grandparents, friends and even the kids (depending on the show of course). From musicals, comedies and dramas, nothing beats sitting down to an evening of exciting entertainment. The trip into London is a treat in itself, so gifting tickets to a West End show could be the perfect day out, especially if it means spending quality time with a loved one.

I’ve just booked tickets for Emmy and myself to see Matilda in February for her birthday and we are all off to see The Snowman in December. We all love the theatre and visit as often as we can, of course we highly recommend Wicked.

Family Hand Casting kit

A 3D Casting Kit is a great keepsake for a friend or family member with little ones, perfect for capturing those treasured younger days. The casting kit is a great way to bond as a family as they’ll get to make the cast themselves, in their own home. A totally unique present, they’ll position the tiny hands and feet within the moulding plaster to create a piece of art they can admire for years to come.


Perfect for film buffs, music lovers and the avid readers, a year’s subscription could be the present that keeps on giving as the months roll by. An online or offline book and magazine subscription is great way to keep kids and adults reading the most up-to-date books, magazines and newspapers. And with the growing popularity of streaming services available for music, television and film, there are plenty of options to choose from, no matter the budget, brand or device.

My favourites are Netflix, Spotify and Readly as they are suitable for everyone.

National Trust family pass

A great gift that the whole family can enjoy could be an annual or month pass to the National Trust. This pass is fantastic as they’ll get free access into over 500 natural parks, woodlands, historic buildings and floral gardens. This means family days out, with or without the dogs, and unique tours out in the fresh air. A National Trust family pass also helps protect wildlife, livestock, archaeology sites and 775 miles of coastlines for future generations. What’s not to love!?


Does your teenage niece or nephew need a couple of hours’ driving lessons to get them started? Or maybe you and your partner have always thought about taking to the dancefloor, so salsa lessons would be perfect. Look for cooking, photography, sewing and even computer skill classes in their local area – buying a bulk of lessons could be the helpful hand they need to reach their goals. You can check out local offers on Groupon, or remember its Black Friday next week so there should be more offers around if you search.

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