5 everyday items you can customise in cool ways

Unless you’ve abandoned all reason to narcissistic tendencies, it’s unlikely that a home littered with poster-sized selfie prints sounds attractive.

But it’s still possible to customise a few select products in a way that’s a bit kitsch, yet not too cheesy.

So here are five everyday items you can customise in cool ways.

    • T-shirts
      Most teenagers won’t thank you for insisting they wear customised matching t-shirts on holiday — it might seem more of a punishment than a treat.But a lot of younger kids love the idea and they can help you choose cute colours and designs from a wide range of reliable online sites.And even if you end up mostly wearing your tees around the house, they’re a cosy and comfy way to make your family feel even closer – if you are feeling adventurous you could even take fabric pens to a top and customise yourself
A T-Shirt I made Emmy for her school play
  • Trainers
    Big sports brands have offered personalised trainers for some time now, but they’re quite expensive and the novelty usually wears off fairly quickly for children.That’s the beauty of skribbies — kids can customise the uppers with a different design every day and simply wipe it off and start again when they’re tired of it.The timeless basketball shoe design will never go out of fashion and they suit boys as well as girls.
  • Door mats
    Outdoor mats might not immediately spring to mind when you think of trendy bespoke gifts.But personalised door mats with a funny or uplifting family motto can cheer you up after a hard day at work and make kids feel great every time they return from school.And they allow visitors to feel welcomed before they even set foot inside — as well as ensuring they don’t trail dirt and leaves onto your pristine floors.
  • Slippers
    If you do insist that family members remove their outdoor shoes after wiping them on your classic customised mat, they’ll need something to keep their toes cosy and personalised slippers are the perfect solution.You can decorate these leisure loafers with family portraits, pet pictures, holiday snaps or even wedding photos — what could be more romantic?Children will love choosing their own designs and having the finished products delivered straight to their door.
  • Wallpaper
    If you’re feeling really creative, Pictowall takes personalisation to the next level with personalised wallpaper.You can choose from a range of backgrounds on their website and upload your own photographs to create unique wall murals that look outstanding.You might choose a smaller print size to brighten up a home office with a favourite family image, or go full out and cover an entire kitchen wall with your favourite sunset snap from a tropical holiday — the choice is yours.


As technology improves, it’ll be simple to personalise almost every household item.

But choose any one of these fab items for a fab gift that’s truly one of a kind.

Do you own any of these customised items? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

**Collaborative post**


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