Top 5 family holiday destinations in December

not as common as summer holidays, taking a winter trip in December
can be the ideal way to enjoy a unique holiday experience.


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those who really want their December family holiday to have a festive
flavour then Lapland is just perfect – considered to be the home town of Santa
Clause himself, it’s the ideal choice. Here you can really
experience the magic of Christmas, with attractions like Santa Park
and the Santa Clause Village
to make it special for children. Aside from these popular tourist
spots though, Lapland also has wonders like the Northern Lights, and
a chance to visit Santa, in Rovaniemi.


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is another great December holiday choice for those families quite
happy to brave the chilly weather. Reykjavik, in Iceland, will offer
you a range of Christmas traditions and activities exclusive to this
location – including 13 ‘Yuletide Lads’ dressed as Scruffy
Santas and Icelandic festive foods. The city becomes a beautiful
vision of snow, Christmas trees, lights and garlands during December,
practically guaranteeing a white Christmas


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the festive season, New York boasts one of the most famous – and
spectacular – Christmas trees in the world, at Rockefeller Centre.
It is also a city that frequently enjoys snow during the holiday
season and a Central Park carriage ride will make even the most jaded
families embrace the spirit of the season.
It also offers superb shopping, for those who haven’t tired of this
by the time the holiday starts!

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Las Vagas

might not seem like a natural place to visit in December, but if you
want to escape from the cold weather, Vegas could be just the ticket.
If you don’t want to face the cold climate why not try your hand at
roulette on sites like MobileCasinoAustralia in
the warmth. You can certainly expect milder weather here than at any
of the previous locations, while the casinos on the famous Strip
provide top quality slot and table gaming and luxurious
accommodation. Furthermore, Vegas also offers family fun, in the form
of magic, music and comedy shows galore.


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German city has grown in popularity as a December holiday location –
with more than 2 million visitors per year – thanks to activities
like the annual Christmas Market. This sees 200-plus stallholders
compete to be claim the award for most beautiful stall design;
while German festive traditions like mulled wine will help you keep
warm as you browse.

you can see, the whole family can have fun on a winter holiday, as
well as experiencing Christmas in a unique way.

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