5 practical and stylish design ideas for your child’s bedroom

When it comes to decorating your child’s bedroom you have the freedom to do whatever you want. No matter what vision you have, there are plenty of different ways you can decorate a bedroom that a young girl or boy would love. Children’s bedrooms are the perfect project to get stuck into – and become really creative with – as an adult too.

As your child spends a lot of time in their room – whether it’s for sleeping, playing or working – their room should reflect their personality and be a space that fuels their creativity and imagination. A child’s room should be as important as any other room in the house, it needs to be fun, practical, cosy and, most of all, comfortable.

We have compiled together five practical and stylish design ideas that you can incorporate into bedrooms for your child.

Wall stickers

Decorate your child’s bedroom walls quickly and effectively by using wall stickers. The best thing about wall stickers is you don’t have to worry about them being stuck forever as they are easily removable.

These are a fun and easy way to decorate as they add character and personalisation without huge commitment as we all know how much our little ones like to change their minds – one day their favourite animal is an elephant, the next it’s a dog. So, get some wall stickers and wow your kids every time they walk into their bedroom.

A Lego wall

We can guarantee that you already have a tonne of Lego lying around the house. So building a Lego wall is a great way to store your child’s growing collection whilst also making the room colourful, bright and different everyday.

You can choose the colours and whether or not you want to cover an entire wall or just a small section. All you need to do is stick the base plates for the Lego to the wall and watch you kids have hours of fun adding to it.

Favourite comic and TV heroes

Incorporating your children favourite comic and TV heroes into their bedroom can provide you with a really strong colour scheme and allow you to play around with many different themes and ideas. Imagine a Batman wall, with black and yellow eye catching designs throughout the room. Or red and blue for Superman.

This is Harry’s bedroom wall which I created for him a few month’s ago – you can find the full tutorial on how to create a Batman Skyline feature wall here.

Create a book nook

Create a cosy reading space in the corner of the bedroom. This will encourage them to read and maybe even give you a space to go and read together. All you need is cornered shelving, a rug, books, a cosy bean bag and some cushions. It will create the perfect little area for spending some quality time with you little ones.

Make a canopy over the bed

Needing to upgrade the bed? Divan Beds Centre has a great selection of beds to choose from to suit the style of your child’s bedroom. Then, once you have found the perfect bed, make a canopy to go over it to create a fun and eye-catching feature for the room.

Canopies are fun and, best of all, versatile. They can be placed over the end of the bed to create a magical space for them to drift off to sleep under, or a great place for them to play and get lost in their imagination beneath (or both). Add some cushions and fairy lights to really make the room their personal sanctuary.

Before you know it, your child will be grown up and gone so make the most of those childhood years, have fun decorating and get them involved in the project too. They’ll love helping to create their dream room.


**Posted in collaboration with Debbie Fletcher**


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