5 quick and easy tricks to a smarter looking garden

Benefits of gardening with kids

Are you unhappy with the way your garden looks? Is it looking a little dull and in need of a bit of TLC? If so, there’s no time like the present to get your garden looking good, just in time for the summer. Whether it’s adding some new plants or painting the fence, it can all make a big impact on its look. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds on a landscape gardener, there are plenty of easy updates you can do yourself to change the appearance. Here are five of them.

Raised beds and containers

It will be a lot easier for you to control and maintain your garden if everything is neatly contained. Using containers to grow plants, fruit and vegetables allows you to control the soil and water, as well as its exposure to light which helps limit or increase the growth. If you lift the beds up by six inches, you can have the benefits of being able to keep track of your borders. It’s also of benefit physically, giving your body some respite from all that bending down to attend to it all.

Artificial Turf

Come summer time your grass can end up a horrible yellow colour and in the winter it becomes a mud bath whenever the kids play on it, or the family dog is forever digging it up.

If this sounds a lot like your back garden, you could consider putting down artificial turf.
It always looks great, it doesn’t need mowing and it can suit all of your needs from big families – it’s totally child proof. It also gives your garden a pristine look and with the occasional spray of water from the hose pipe it will look good all year round.

Feed the soil

This is more than likely something you’ve heard people say a lot, but do you listen? Probably not. What you need to remember is that great soil delivers healthy plants that attract fewer diseases and insects. The best way to feed the soil is through adding compost on a regular basis.

Paint the fence

If your garden lacks colour and looks boring, paint your fence. Fences require more care and attention than you might think. Treat it with a coat of wood paint instead of your usual shade of ashy brown that never lasts more than one summer. You don’t have to stick to browns or dark colours – add a little bit of that bright personality of yours and consider a playful colour such as blue or yellow.

Jazz up the patio area

If you have the space, make your patio a more pleasant area with a sofa set. These are stylish and comfortable allowing you and your family to enjoy the garden and relax. Add a barbeque too, whether it’s built in or one you can move around, it’s an essential feature for your patio and will allow you all to enjoy some great family dinners outside. Consider some lighting for those long summer evenings, which enables you to sit outside for longer. Start will small LED lights wrapped around a tree or strung along your decking area; whatever suits your space best.

Hopefully you can use these easy tricks and turn your garden into a place you and your family actually want to spend time in and can fully enjoy during those warmer months.

**Posted in collaboration with Debbie Fletcher”

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