5 safety measures to childproof your house

If you’ve got babies, toddlers, or small kids at home, not only is it a good idea to stock up on plasters, cleansing wipes, eye drops and other medical supplies from the likes of Brosch Direct (as minor injuries do tend to happen), it’s also important to childproof your home. Everyday objects can be a danger to youngsters, so here are five ways to make your living environment as safe as possible.

1. Don’t keep breakables on low shelves

Children like to pull and grab at anything they can find. Being touchy feely is their way of exploring the world, which is why it’s wise to place breakables such as ornaments, lamps and glasses on high shelves. This will stop your precious belongings from being broken while simultaneously keeping little people from harm. What’s more, don’t forget to put electrical leads up high too so that your kids can’t pull heavy objects down onto their heads.

2. Install safety latches

As your children grow up they will start to learn the difference between right and wrong knowing what they can play with and what they can’t. Until they’re old enough to understand all of life’s rules, however, it is worth installing safety latches on all cabinets and draws to prevent them from getting to things like knives, scissors and dangerous cleaning products (which should preferably be kept in a high cupboard anyway). Latches will also prevent children from catching their fingers in draws, which can be extremely painful.

3. Make the most of stairgates

If you’ve got a speedy crawler on your hands or a new walker, placing a gate at the top and bottom of your stairs will help prevent nasty tumbles and falls. Most of the gates available come with handy childproof locks that can be opened at your leisure and will stop tots from accessing parts of the house spontaneously when you’re not looking. While stairgates are a safety essential for very small children, they also come in useful for bigger kids too. If you’ve just moved your infant from a cot to a proper bed, for instance, a stairgate will keep them safe if they decide to walk the hallways at night in search of mum and dad… or their toys.

4. Cover sharp corners

When babies first start to walk, they can be very unsteady on their feet. This can result in many falls, which is why it’s a good idea to buy an array of sharp corner protectors – examples of which can be found on Pinterest. These are easy to use and can be slipped onto the edges of tables, desks, and banisters, both inside and out, to stop little ones from getting injured as they find their feet. Many different colours are also available, so whether you want something bright or more discreet to fit in with minimal décor you won’t be short of choice.

I actually padded out our very expensive stone coffee table with foam floor mats once Emmy started cruising the furniture and these still remain in place now- while not very attractive it has meant that that when the kids fall as they do, they’ve not damaged themselves (or my table)

5. Keep electrical items out of the way

Electrical items such as hair dryers, straighteners and irons can be fascinating for kids, so be sure to unplug all electrical items when they’re not in use and keep them out of harm’s way. Also, try not to leave your appliances on standby just in case they’re turned on by accident when you have your back turned or are out of the room as this could be dangerous. Furthermore, while electric sockets do not need covers, don’t allow your children to poke their fingers into the holes or stick anything else inside.

It’s relatively simple to childproof your home, so follow the above tips and don’t take any risks.

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2 thoughts on “5 safety measures to childproof your house

  1. Nice post; there are some great tips there – child safety at home is so important.

    Bed guards are great too for stopping little ones from falling out of bed.

    My website (www.safetybaby.co.uk) has full comparisons of these, alongside other child safety products such as baby monitors and stair gates.
    Dan Thomas recently posted…Bed Guard Comparisons & ReviewsMy Profile

  2. Hey
    Nice tips !!
    Sharp corners are really dangerous especially when there is baby at home.So one should go for corner protectors which are made of industrial strength rubber, colored for high prominence, “cushion” impact to a degree. In fact, there is even pallet rack shock absorbing protectors.

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