5 things to do with your kids this Autumn

With the weather getting colder and the nights getting darker so much earlier it’s safe to say that Autumn is finally here. With so much depending on the weather and how tired the kids are after starting the new school term, you might be struggling for ideas to keep them occupied during the weekend or after school.

But don’t worry, here we’ve put together a list of 5 things you can do with your kids this Autumn. Why not give them a try?

Get out in the garden

Just because those long sunny days feel like a distant memory, doesn’t mean you can’t still go out into the garden. There’s lots of work to be done before the garden goes to bed for the winter. When you have a dry weekend get the mower out and give it one last trim before the cold, wet weather sets in. And you could even show the kids how to take care of the lawn with fertilisers – this handy grass seed calculator will help you decide how much you’re going to need.

If you’re thinking of planting your Spring flowers like daffodils, tulips and crocuses then now is the time. Let the kids choose the colours and get them planting. It’ll be something to look forward to in the Spring time.

Give nature a helping hand

When the weather gets colder, it usually means that birds and smaller animals have to work a lot harder to find food. So, why not give them a hand? You and your little ones can spend an afternoon building bird boxes and bird feeders, then filling them up with lots of high energy bird seeds and nuts. If you’re feeling extra creative then you can make your very own fat balls or seed mix. Then try and spot all the visitors you get to your garden.

Enjoy an Autumnal sensory experience

Children are more vocal when they’re outside, so you’re likely to get more of a response from them when you head outdoors. Take them on an Autumn walk, and ask them what they can see, hear and smell. The feel of a knobbly pine cone, or a smooth conker, the smell of the rain or pine trees, birds tweeting and of course the pleasing sound of crunching through the leaves. This is great for language development in younger children and gets the older children out and about in the fresh air!

Create a nature collage

While you’re on a nature walk, see if they can collect some leaves, a few pine cones, maybe a twig or two and create an Autumn collage with their findings! It’s a great, messy way for little ones to express themselves.

Snuggle up indoors

Often during Autumn, the weather dictates everything. So if you’re having a rainy day, make the most of it. Make a fort, bring all the pillows and duvets in from their bedroom, snuggle down together and have a movie marathon and drink a hot chocolate. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

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