5 Tips for Finding a Job Online

The evolution of the Internet and the increases in IT services and applications are quickly transforming the job market. Many recruiters have already adopted these innovative tools and applied them in their selection of new potential employees, which for job seekers means that it is essential to understand what they are in order to implement a successful strategy to get them noticed, and land a new job or career.

The first thing you as a job seeker would need to do is refine and focus your job search. Targeting a specific industry field that requires skills you already possess is much more effective than sending out job applications and CVs to just anyone and applying for jobs that lie outside your career field. It is after all an employers’ market, and that also means that companies train employers and Human Resources departments to use resume databases, and strict screening processes including applicant tracking systems and other software that helps them sift through and filter only the specifically relevant applications they receive, while ignoring the others. In fact, recruiters now even refer to unfocused applicants as ‘resume spammers’.

Visibility is extremely significant for any job seeker. You should increase your presence and your prestige online through all the available channels and social media networks, which mainly consist of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube in certain cases. Linking your accounts together is also the best way to ensure maximum visibility and online presence as all your posts, shares and activity appear on all your pages. Recruiters take online visibility very seriously because they want to know more about you and your career accomplishments, and make sure that you are a good fit. The less visible you are, the more suspicious recruiters will be, speculating that you might have something to hide. 80% of recruiters consider a candidate only after doing an online search, and if they can’t find you, then you will not be considered.

Job Aggregators and job search pages-websites are powerful instruments in your job quest, so use them to the fullest. Popular job search aggregators, such as uk.jobrapido.com, are mini-search engines that collect all available data from thousands of job sites and boards (including employer websites, professional networks/associations websites, and newspaper classifieds) into a large database that filters information deemed relevant to your search. Posting your resume on all the most popular job search sites and boards is also an effective strategy as you will be notified by e-mail every time an employer responds or a job opportunity becomes vacant. You can also go back to edit or revise your resume at any time to add new skills and/or promote career advancement to a higher position or to enter into other career areas.

Your resume is the most important asset you possess. It represents your career history and academic credentials, and it says everything about you. Knowing where to find the adequate resources that can help you improve or transform it into a more consistent and concise form that captures the attention of recruiters is a major step forward in your search. To help you there are many resume samples and downloadable templates online, as well as important web sites that contain precious advice, such as resume-resource.com and bestsampleresume.com, including a wide variety of online resume hosting websites and resume builders. Also, do not forget the potential for networking or volunteer opportunities that a resume brings to your social media sites!

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