5 Tips to Moving Without Stress

Whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, you definitely dread the day that you will have to move out of the house that you currently occupy. This is because moving out can really stress you out. Spending the whole day packing and unpacking stuff can weigh so much on your back. And that’s not all. There are other things that you have to put in order to ensure you have a smooth transition from the old residence to the new home. The stress can really take a toll on you as you try to get used into a new environment that’s different to what you are used to. Below are tips that you can use to avoid stress when vacating a house.

1. Change Your Address

It’s important to change your address before you relocate. This is because your letters will not reach you unless you get a new address. Missing letters means that you will not be able to clear some bills on time and you will also be outdated on important issues. On the other hand, post office change of address can be a bit cumbersome when you already have tones of tasks that have to be completed before you settle into the new residence. You should therefore consider delegating the task to a company that offers change of address service. They actually come in handy during such times because they only charge a small fee and get you sorted much faster.

2. Clean the House in Advance

If you want to enjoy settling into your new home without any stress, it’s strongly recommended that you clean the house before the day of your departure. This is because it’s easier to clean the entire house while it’s still empty. In fact, you will be able to remove all the dirt including cobwebs due to the fact that you can reach all the corners of the house without being obstructed by any stuff. You don’t have to clean the house yourself. You can hire either of the many cleaning companies because they are even well equipped with the best cleaning tools. They will therefore do a thorough job within a short time.

3. Pack Your Stuff Early

Since you know the date of your departure, you should prepare ahead of time to avoid leaving some of your things behind. In fact, you should plan to move at least three days before the deadline that was specified by the landlord or the new homeowner. You should start preparing a fortnight ahead and keep parking early in the morning of the appointed date. In fact, you should use it as an opportunity to clean out your closet by throwing the things that you rarely use into the garbage bins. This will reduce the things that you will need to carry to your new residence.

4. Hire a Moving Company


If carrying heavy stuff around is not your cup of tea, you should consider hiring a moving company. The good thing about delegating the task to such a company is that they bear responsibility for any item that’s damaged while on transit. The other advantage is that their rates are reasonable because they charge based on the distance that they will cover. However, you should label all the boxes containing various things so that the moving company can put them where they belong.


5. Prepare an Essentials Bag


Even with the help of a moving company, you will still have to unpack the boxes by yourself. And depending on how big your house is, you might take one or two weeks to open up some of the boxes. The problem is that your things get mixed up which return makes your life difficult because you may not remember where you kept all your belongings. That’s it’s recommended you put the stuff that you use everyday into a separate bag to avoid inconveniencing yourself. Some of the things to put in such a bag include towel, soap, toothpaste and brush, cooking oil, salt and sugar, spoon, cup, plate and phone charger. In fact, you should consider eating out on the first two or three days because you may have to wait until the day you are free to unpack all the boxes to get the utensils.

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