5 Top Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained On a Long Car Journey

Having kids ask “Are we there yet?” every so often during a long journey can drive any parent crazy, so how to keep children entertained should be on your list of things to prepare for. Impatient and noisy kids can be a distraction, especially if you need to concentrate on driving so as not to miss an important turn in the road. With these top tips, you can make every journey an enjoyable adventure for your kids, and you can focus on getting your family to your vacation spot without the least bit of hair-pulling involved. Let’s get started!

Travel Games and Toys

There are many travel games you and your children can play during the ride, such as spotting games and mind games. For instance, you can tell your kids that every time they spot an umbrella, they should say “Rain, rain, go away!”
You can also tell them to be on the lookout for a particular colour of a vehicle or a building. Uncommon colours are best—for example, you can tell your children to look for purple buildings or orange cars. Another game you can play involves music. Before your trip, save popular tunes in your MP3 player and play a guessing game during your journey. Let your kids name the title of the song, and sing along.
Toys can also keep children entertained. You can bring favourite toys or surprise your kids with new ones such as small dolls, action figures, and model cars and planes. Even everyday household items such as pipe cleaners can become toys that children can sculpt into various shapes!

Art Kits

Many children love creating things with their hands, and with just a few basic materials, you can make art kits that your children can enjoy. Get some blank sheets of paper, a small clipboard, and a box of washable markers, coloured pencils, or crayons, and give a set to each child. You can task them to draw different scenes and objects: what they think your destination looks like, or what they see out the window, their pet or favourite toy, or portraits of family members.

Portable DVD Players

You can also invest in a portable DVD player so you can bring along cartoons and movies that your kids can watch during the trip. When your children get bored of looking out the window, having something to watch will surely keep them entertained.

Tablets and Gaming Consoles

Portable gaming consoles and tablets with interactive games and apps can keep children busy and quiet during a long trip. There are thousands of games and apps available for children of all ages, and many of them are also educational. These devices are also capable of playing music and videos, taking photos, and providing users with endless hours of entertainment. Just be sure to bring extra batteries and a car charger along!


You can’t go on a long journey without snacks! Children will happily munch on treats while looking out the window or listening to their favourite tunes. Pack a variety of snack options such as fruit snacks, animal crackers, vegetable chips, and gummy bears. Prepare sippy cups or water bottles for each child, and have wet wipes and travel tissues handy in case of spills.
With these travel tips, you will surely be able to keep your children entertained and therefore keep your sanity while driving your family to your destination. Have a safe and happy trip ahead!
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