Active and healthy children – 5 toys to help encourage outdoor play

My children like most I’m sure just love being outside – rain or shine, from the minute they wake up until bed time they would happily play in the garden.
I personally believe that their is no such thing as bad weather only bad clothing choices so we all own welly boots, hats, gloves and waterproofs.
If it rains we head off for some puddle jumping, snowing then the sledges come out to play and it it’s windy then jumping and playing in leaves is great fun.
Now that spring is here and summer will hopefully bring some lovely hot days (we wish!) it’s that time again and we have begun to get the garden summer ready again.
We started last year and obviously over the winter nothing was done but now it’s full steam ahead once again.
The bushes are being tackled, the grass has been mown (OK it needs doing again and again….I NEED artificial grass I think).  I actually really enjoy getting it ready for the children to play in.
Toys which we LOVE and would help to keep the children amused all summer are:
Our Sand & Water Activity Table from Activity Toys Direct – this has now moved from my kitchen and has a new home in the garden, the pasta has been replaced with sand and the umbrella is even up.  You can read our full review of this here.
Water play is great for all ages (adult supervision is always needed around water) and by introducing bottles, buckets, boats etc your children can have hours of fun and will actually be learning at the same time – why not include some toys which sink and some which float for added enjoyment.
Sand play is a great activity for promoting hand/eye coordination – filling buckets and shapes and gross motor skills too.
We currently have a small 5ft trampoline which the children love, they spend hours bouncing around, rolling and performing tricks.  This size was great when Emmy was an only child, however now they are both bouncing about I think it’s just too small for them so we are hoping to replace it for a slightly larger once this year.
I would love something like this one – TP Toys 10ft Zoomee as my garden isn’t huge but this would be big enough for both Emmy and Harry to use together and a net around is a MUST to avoid accidents.
We also love to fill our trampoline with small balls or balloons and they children have so much fun as well as thinking it’s great fun to throw them all out and make me throw them back in.
I won’t lie – it this came in adult size I would have a go or three!  This Step2 Thomas the Tank Engine Up and down rollercoster looks so much fun.  Emmy has played on the original one at her old playgroup and she loved it.
Swings and slides:
We currently have a swing for Emmy, a baby swing for Harry and a slide – when Harry outgrows his swing I’m thinking that something like this Plum Chacma swing set would actually take up less space in our garden.
This may also help with Emmy’s love of climbing which has now kindly past onto Harry.  Toys like these are enjoyed for years to come, lets face it even adults love to play on the swings in the park too (I can see you nodding in agreement).  They also help to promote gross motor skills.
We currently have 2 plastic playhouses in the garden which the children love to play in, however one day I would love to be able to change them for nice wooden ones, and how wonderful is this TP forest villa? The kids would have hours and hours of fun in here with a playhouse, sandpit, slide, picnic bench and a telescope too!  What isn’t to love!
This post is written a part of my Activity Toys direct ambassadors role.  I would love to know what toys your children love most in the garden?


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4 thoughts on “Active and healthy children – 5 toys to help encourage outdoor play

  1. Wow I love that Thomas rollercoaster! So much fun! I wish my son was more of an 'outside' child – he doesn't really like going out and getting dirty. My daughter on the other hand is the complete opposite and we love getting out and about together.

  2. I think that last one is bigger than my garden!! We have a little playhouse which my son loves but this year I'd love to get a sand box 🙂 Failing that you can't go wrong with bubbles!

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