Guest post: 5 Ways Dads can Embrace Winter and Keep their Kids Active

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5 Ways Dads can Embrace Winter and Keep their Kids Active 

The arrival of winter can often send shivers down most parents’ spines, and the presumed lack of activities to keep the kids engaged only makes things more gloomy. Bleak as it may seem, there still are lots of fun activities to keep your kids active and entertained. So here are five of them, covering both indoors and outdoors, to get you started. 

1. Build a Fort 

What if the arrival of snow during winter was a blessing rather than a curse? The expected boatload of snow gives you enough materials to build an ice fort with your kids. There are two ways of going about it. First, you can team up with your child(ren) to make one big fort. This gives them (and us) a great opportunity to bond together. The second option is to indulge them in a building competition to find out whose fort will be the best in the end. You can kick things up a notch by introducing a prize for the winner. This also helps to ignite the competitive spirit in your children. 

When the cold becomes too much outside, carry the fun into the house. Make a fort of pillows, mattresses, and chairs with your kids in the living room. When it’s done, you can bundle up in it and share some quality time together.

2. Ride-on Cars 

Ride-on cars are a great gift for your kids. With simulated engine revs, LED lights, and music players, they let your child experience the actual feel of a real car. During winter when a lot of activities are impeded by the cold weather, you can consider them as a way to engage your children around the house. Have the kids drive in the house as they evade obstacles such as furniture. If there’s little space indoors, create roads by shovelling the snow off of the driveway or pavements. Maybe they’ll even help you…

Your children can help you in selecting their preferred car too. Whether electricity-powered or manually-pedalled, you’ll find several options to choose from. Also, you won’t have to worry about safety. Most kids ride on cars of today come with a remote-controlled steering that lets you take control of the car whenever your child approaches a slope or wet paddle. On a slightly less snowy day, it’ll make for a great run around in the park too.

3. Go Snowballing 

Another great way to have fun with your kids during the winter is to go snowballing. First get your kids into their jackets and gumboots for the wet and snowy weather. Hang a target on a tree and let every child take a shot at it as they earn points. A good way of intensifying the fun is to volunteer yourself as the target. Lean on a wall or tree and let your kids take a shot at you. This might just make one of their best winter memories with dad too. 

4. A DIY Bowling Game 

Besides cuddling up in the blankets during winter, a DIY bowling game can be a great activity for you and your kids. It doesn’t need to be complicated at all. Get some plastic bottles and fill them with water, and close the lids. Line them up on one corner of the house. For the bowling ball, rollup old socks or stuff them with clothes into a ball shape. You can then stand at the opposite side of the room and aim at the bottles with your improvised ball. With these simple steps, you will have introduced your child to bowling game and made their winter fun. Seriously simple, seriously addictive!

5. A Winter Scavenger Hunt 

A scavenger hunt is one of my favourite ways to engage the kids during winter. Get your kids together and make your scavenger hunt list. The list should contain a variety of items including puddles, a frozen tree crackling, bare tree, ice, conifer needles, and a tree bark among others. You can get creative with the list as much as possible to make the hunt more challenging yet fun. Also, remember to carry a basket for keeping all your finds. After that, change into your outdoor winter gear before heading out into the woods. Let the kids participate in the marking off of the found items. 

Winter can be such a cold and gloomy season for many. However, since we can do nothing to change the seasons, all that’s left is embracing and making the most out of it. This involves finding its unique and lovely quirks. With these few tricks, you and the little ones will be able to pull through just fine. So pick any or all of them and get to share some magical times with the kids this winter.

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